Westermo updates free WeConfig configuration tool

  • May 12, 2015
  • Westermo Teleindustri AB
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May 12, 2015 - Westermo WeConfig 1.2 that enables time consuming and complex configuration of large networks to be implemented reliably in just minutes. WeConfig simplifies both the initial installation and the ongoing maintenance after commissioning.

Using WeConfig 1.2 both the initial configuration and network commissioning can be performed much quicker than before and over the lifetime of a network hundreds of man hours can be saved. WeConfig 1.2 enables regular configuration backups to be performed and stored automatically. Firmware upgrades can be managed in a controlled and reliable manner. Network failures can be visualised and diagnostic information displayed at the click of a button to assist in rapid and effective maintenance.

WeConfig 1.2 provides VLAN configuration functions, allowing quick and easy creation of secure networks. In addition, WeConfig provides security settings on network interfaces, protecting networks from potential vulnerability. Together with the firewall functionalities delivered by the Westermo Operating System (WeOS) WeConfig provides complete cyber security for large networks.

WeConfig is available free of charge and can be used with all Westermo networking products that feature the WeOS operating system, as well as many other Westermo networking devices. 

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