Windows 10: Compatibility Tested With Movicon 11 and Automation Platform.NExT

  • October 27, 2015
  • Progea North America Corp.
  • Progea North America Corp.
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At the end of July Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Operating System in response to user demands.  Users were looking for a familiar operating system that is easy to use with a solid base and modern interface with live tiles that are a step up from Windows 8.  
Windows 10 logoProgea has run tests to verify compatibility with Windows 10 and its platforms Movicon 11TM and Automation Platform.NExTTM  to ensure compatability and a good user experience.
You've probably noticed that Windows 10 uses Edge, the new browser that replaces Microsoft Explorer.  Edge enhances the use of HTML5 technolog and works with  Progea's Automation Platform.NExT Web Server module for connecting remotely. Users can connect in total security using the HTML 5 web technology because it is fully supported by the new browser. Movicon 11 users  on Widows 10 can continue using Movicon Web Client (based on the JAVA technology) in their projects by using the button provided in the operating system to open pages with Internet Explorer.
In the near future North American users will be able to choose between Progea's two different SCADA/HMI software technologies.  The choice of using Movicon 11 or Automation Platform.NExT depends on features offered by each application, the project size and requirements.  In order to choose the right technology for your needs, please visit the Help Me Choose page for more information.
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