Areva implements Aucotec's EB software for safety instrumentation and control

  • May 03, 2016
  • Case Study

May 3, 2016 - Areva GmbH, the German subsidiary of the  specialist for nuclear power plant technology, has opted for Aucotec in the basic and hardware engineering discipline of their safety Instrumentation & Control (I&C). The software platform Engineering Base (EB) replaces miscellaneous previously used maintenance inflexible tools. Thus EB contributes to the standardization of the system environment and engineering workflows at Areva NP Safety I&C.

Implementation ahead of time

“In an analysis, Aucotec had proven that EB provides significant savings due to increased productivity in combination to higher quality and potential for further enhancements,” explains Steffen Richter, regional head of I&C and Electrical Productsat Areva. This result led the planned deployment to be initiated one year ahead of original schedule. "In addition to its unique and flexible architecture, we were won over by the object-oriented data management and the simple, clear configuring of even complex interrelationships," says Richter. "We can connect our internal processes to EB, this unifies our methods in different design steps and the representation of engineering data becomes much easier."

Management of all relevant engineering data

As further reasons for the decision, the engineering expert referred to the fact that the new system enables the generation of function-based manufacturing documentation according to international standards and is also used for the convenient management of all relevant engineering data generated and modified in various phases of the project.EB is designed to support the entire life cycle of the I&C systems

Pilot project

Areva's platform TELEPERM XS, for whose engineering EB is used, is a safety I&C system for nuclear power. It is used wherever the maximum level of reliability is required. In a pilot project, EB and the master data are to be adapted this year to the Areva-specific processes and documentation requirements. Furthermore, a catalogue will be created with standardized templates and tested in a pilot project. Areva and Aucotec experts are working closely together for this purpose. The first full live performance of the system is planned for 2017.

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