Automated Guided Vehicle Market is growing with a fast pace in APAC regions

  • May 05, 2016
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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous mobile robotic driverless vehicles employed in industries for material handling. The first AGV was developed by A.M. Barrett, Jr. in 1954 which was navigated by following wires mounted in factory ceiling. This was employed in his industry, Barrett Electronics. Now the technology is developed to perform multiple tasks and equipped with 3D vision guidance system. With the introduction and development of industry automation or Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) in the modern era these found a major place in manufacturing industries and distribution centers.

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At present battery-less AGV is gaining the market due to battery free operation and relief from charging. These AGVs can work for longer shifts without compromising their efficiency and reliability. Few AGV OEMs are developing and manufacturing products with voice directed picking system that enables them to take order on floor and perform the tasks accordingly. Thus there is a lot of scope for Automated Guided Vehicle Market.

By the Vehicle type, the Automated Guided Vehicle Market is divided as Forklifts/Pellet, Tow, Clamp, Unit Load, Carts, Heavy Burden Carrier and so on.

The end user industries for Automated Guided Vehicle Market include Automotive Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Aerospace Industry, Paper Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Warehousing/distribution etc.

Automated Guided Vehicle Market applications include Parts-To-Line, Kitting/Picking, End of Line, Replenishment, Staging/Sortation, Cross Docking, Trash Removal etc.

Automated Guided Vehicle Market categorized on the basis of navigation or guidance includes Laser Guidance, Magnetic Guidance, Inductive/Wire Guidance, GPS, 3D Vision Guidance and others.

Automated Guided Vehicle Market is more in demand in industrialized countries where there is a large scope of implementing these vehicles for automating the industrial work to improve the efficiency as well as to save time by processing tasks faster. North America, APAC and Europe is openly investing huge sum of money in this market and USA is leading the market, followed by APAC regions, Europe, South America and ROW IndustryARC report suggests.

According to IndustryARC report on Automated Guided Vehicle Market, Major players manufacturing AGVs are profiled in the report with company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolios, recent developments and market shares, few of them are listed as follows:

·         ABB Ltd.( Switzerland) 

·         Siemens AG(Germany)

·         Doerfer Corporation(U.S)

·         Egemin Automation Inc.(U.S)

·         Rockwell Automation, Inc.(U.S)

Automated Guided Vehicle Market is a beneficial market for investment keeping in mind that industrialization is taking over the world by large scale and that indicates that there is definite demand for this product in the market.

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