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  • March 24, 2016
  • CAS DataLoggers
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March 24, 2016 - CAS DataLoggers provided a Dephin Technology vibration monitoring solution for Femaris, a Romanian company.  

Femaris required a solution for its customer Hidroelectrica SA, Romania’s main electrical producer. The company is divided in several branches depending on the geographic area. Hidroelectrica has an installed power of 6438 MW and produces approximately 30% of the entire electrical power in Romania. This particular Delphin Vibration Monitoring system was implemented in Hidroelectrica Oradea SA.


Technicians at Hidroelectrica noticed a suspect sound originating from the generator of a turbine, a sound believed to be caused by vibrations at a hydro turbine within their plant. Because of this situation they required vibration measurement. To discover the source of this sound, their main objective was to install an easily-configurable real-time portable monitoring system to increase the safety conditions and improve fault prediction.

Besides this, the system had to be modular so that it could be extended in the future, for example to make absolute vibration measurements with piezoelectric accelerometers.

The customer decided to install a Delphin TopMessage Data Acquisition and Control system along with Delphin ProfiSignal software to monitor the following parameters:

  • Global vibration – peak-to-peak displacement
  • FFT analysis
  • Smax parameter
  • Orbit
  • Trend analysis etc.

recommended the following components:

  • Delphin TopMessage Master device
  • AMDT Module (enables shaft/bearing vibration monitoring & analysis)
  • Voltage divisor
  • Proximity systems – Transducers with conditioner
  • Delphin ProfiSignal Basic software

Here the necessary vibration measurements were performed with proximity systems mounted on all three journal bearings of the turbine. Two transducers were mounted on each journal bearing, with a radial direction and at an angle of 90° between them.

The TopMessage system was mounted within an portable electric panel. The customer requested that the system must be portable to be mounted on different hydro turbines that presented electrical or mechanical faults. 


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