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  • April 22, 2016
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With the population structure constantly changing around us, countries around the world all face the issue of aging. More and more people are focusing on preventive healthcare for disease prevention. As a result, the demands for smart healthcare applications are increasing. DFI offers industrial motherboards, systems, and panel PCs that would apply in all kinds of high-tech equipment to deliver a complete and integrated solution in smart medical applications.

Medical Grade All-in-One PC

With the demands of smooth x-ray viewings and EMR applications, high computing and graphic performance is necessary. DFI’s HU171 Mini-ITX, powered by high-performance 4th Gen Intel® Core processor and 4K high resolution, offers low-power consumption at only 15W TDP for long term usage. Thanks to the compact and thin design (with only 25mm in height) it is ideal for slim Panel PCs and all-in-one PC.

Ultrasound Scanner

For better body tissue identification, image resolution enhancement can help medical providers with better visualization of organ boundaries and clearer lines. DFI’s HM960-QM87 not only offers multiple display ports, but also provide up to 4K x 2K resolution. In addition, ultrasound scanner machines operate with a need of faster data transfer and device expansions. This COM Express module features 4 SATA 3.0 port to support HDD/SSD expansion and rich I/O for expansion such as displays, printers, probes, control panel, and etc.

Self-Registration KIOSK

Self-service KIOSK can provide less workload for healthcare staff and give more time to focus on patient care. It can improve patient satisfaction with shorter waiting time. The KS150-BT Panel PCs features 15” capacitive/ resistive true-flat touch screen with IP65 front protection making it water/dust proof. When faced with long operating time, it offers ultra-low power consumption. With these great features, KS150-BT is suitable for self-service KIOSK.

DFI’s complete embedded products are specially designed by industrial-grade components with 100% Japanese CAP and polymer capacitors to ensure long product lifecycle and reliability. DFI also provides a high-qualified testing environment in thermal cycle testing, thermal profile temperature, and capacitor temperature for all heat-generated parts to enhance the quality and stability of products. DFI is your ideal partner to satisfy all the requirements when developing healthcare solutions.


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