Industrial Motors Market: Scope of Application in Many Industries Indicates Good Profit Margin

  • May 05, 2016
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Industrial Motors Market deals with the demand, supply and scope of the industrial motors used in the industries globally. The demand for energy efficient industrial motors is rising globally due to the introduction of stringent energy standards and rising electricity prices. 
Rising standards in the improvement of efficiency and design are forcing manufacturers to design and develop energy efficient motors. The demand for industrial motors is dependent on the growth in the industrial production and expansion which is the basis of Industrial Motors Market study.
In Industrial Motors Market, the motors are categorized into types based on their generalized voltage, type of motors based on efficiency, voltage-type, rotor structure and motors that run through supply of electrical energy.
Industrial Motors Market based on voltage is High voltage, Medium voltage and Low voltage. Based on efficiency can be categorized as IE1 (Standard Efficiency), IE2 (High Efficiency), IE3 (Premium Efficiency), IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency), DC Motors and others. Motors based on Medium voltage are 1kv-2.3kv, 3.3kv, 4.16kv, 5kv-7.2kv, 10kv-11kv etc. Medium motors based on rotor structure can be classified as Asynchronous motors, Synchronous motors and DC motors. 
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Industrial Motors Market based on the motors that uses electrical supply can be categorized as: Alternate Current Motors, Direct current motors and switched reluctance. Alternate current motors are of two types, Single phase motors and three phase motors and direct current motors are of two types, brushless motors and brushed motors.
According to Industrial Motors Market research report the Industrial motors are used in end user Industries like Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining & Metal, Water & waste water, Industrial Machinery, Medical Equipment, Pulp and Paper, Construction Equipment, Food & Beverages etc.
According to IndustryARC market research report on Industrial Motors Market for the upcoming period of 2015-2020, across the globe there is a high scope for this market. With the boom In Industrialization in the APAC region, the market can witness a shift of dominance from America and Europe region and ROW is following.
The companies in Industrial Motors Market have been reviewed on the basis of Overview, Financials, SWOT Analysis, Developments and Product Portfolio. A market research report has been created by market research firm IndustryARC to analyze the companies and their overall performance. Some of the companies are:
Nidec Motor Corporation
ABB Group
Mitsubishi Electric
Siemens AG
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
Basically, the Industrial Motors Market is a steady growing market and with a non-replaceable alternative and high scope to be applied in various end user industries.
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