Machine Condition Monitoring Market: Aerospace, Marine, Automotive and other end user industries to continue driving the global sales in the coming 5 years.

  • April 26, 2016
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Machine Condition Monitoring Market: There is always a risk associated with working machinery and to overcome this problem, machine condition monitoring gives a perfect solution. The demand for machine condition monitoring equipment is increasing rapidly which would help increase the potential of industrial output. This report “Machine Condition Monitoring Market” covers all its aspects with opportunities, drivers, restraints, and others in detail. It consists of condition monitoring apparatus, procedures, schedules as well as methods for data collection and analysis procedures. Machine condition monitoring decides the maintenance of the machine by monitoring its condition; thus increasing the efficiency of the assets and time for repair. Conditioning monitoring process on the whole includes non-invasive measurement, visual checkup, performance data and programmed investigation. It indicates the sign of decreasing performance or emergency shutdowns; thereby prevents complete system failure of the industry. It is a preventive maintenance method as it concludes equipment status before a breakdown occurs.

Vibration measurement in this market field is widely prominent and is further growing in terms of awareness and demand; thus there is a rise in demand for vibration meter. Sales generated from vibrating monitoring and vibration analysis is predicted to continue growing.

Geographically, the machine condition monitoring market is projected to grow due to the shift from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance in numerous industries for sufficient warning time and predicting failure of the system. The American market generated highest revenue for Machine Condition Monitoring in 2015, closely followed by Europe. Furthermore, the APAC market is projected to be the fastest growing region in the forecast period owing to the increasing demand for condition monitoring systems. Apart from the geographical segmentation of the market, the report also includes pricing and value chain analysis separately that will provide key insights and market scenario. Forecasts are provided for all the market segments for the period 2016-2021.

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Market Segmentation:

Machine Conditioning Monitoring Market is classified into 4 broad divisions based on the further given factors. The segments are yet divided into narrow segmentations which are all completely analyzed and included in this market research report.

1.       By Type: Vibration Analysis & Diagnostics, Lubricant Analysis, Acoustic Emission, Infrared Thermography, Ultrasound Testing, Motor Condition Monitoring & Motor current, Corrosion and Others.

2.       By Component: Spectrometer, Ultrasound Detector, Vibration Sensor, Corrosion Probes and Others.

3.       By Application: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Chemicals, Marine, Power Plants and Others.

4.       By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and ROW.

Key Market Vendors Analysis:

With rising awareness and implementation of condition monitoring, there is a global need noticed for this market. IndustryARC has analyzed and mentioned more than 40 notable competitors of the Global Machine Condition Monitoring Market with few of the top ones being:

·         Rockwell Automation Inc.

·         Fluke Corporation.

·         Emerson Process Management.

·         SKF Condition Monitoring Inc.

·         Honeywell International Inc.

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