Miller brings Industry 4.0 to the world of welding

  • May 04, 2016
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May 4, 2016—At the recent Hannover Messe for industrial technology, it was not the Miller power supply units that captured the attention of passing visitors, rather the large computer screens that characterized the welding specialist’s booth. These screens displayed the company’s Insight Centerpoint welding information management system, which communicates in real-time with an automated welding cell’s power supply and robotic welding arm via Ethernet. The Miller software can be applied to power supplies from other suppliers with the help of Insight ArcAgent modules, allowing manufacturers with multiple brands of welding equipment in their factories to take advantage of the technology. 

Insight Centerpoint monitors each weld on a component, and presents instructions for loading fixtures, welding sequences, and other non-welding work instructions.  The software can also present information on cycle times, weld faults, heat input, and much more. If weld output parameters such as weld duration, deposition, current, or voltage, fall outside of the acceptable thresholds, alerts are issued to management and auto-shutdown can be initiated.  

Insight Centerpoint is just one tool that Miller customers can use to help implement Industry4.0 design principles in their operations. At Hannover Messe 2016, Miller also showcased the Ethernet-enabled TOUGH GUN TT3E reamer from its ITW Welding sister brand, Tregaskiss. The Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN TT3E reamer is an automated nozzle cleaning station, which keeps the welding system’s torch and nozzle clean by periodically shaving out spatter and dirt, based on time or the number of cycles. 

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