Movicon.NExT and Windows IoT technology

  • February 15, 2016
  • Progea North America Corp.
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February 15, 2016 - Internet of things is a concept that has been around for several years with the idea to make ‘things’ communicate with each other so that they become more intelligent and functional. Many companies have begun to transform their components in such a way that makes them capable of sharing information with other components. 

They are able to integrate with more complex systems to make the entire automation system more efficient and ‘intelligent’. In order to achieve this, these components must be capable of speaking to each other. However this cannot be done just by using a connection infrastructure such as Ethernet. What is needed is that the various components speak the same language. This is where OPC UA technology plays a fundamental role and it is this technology that Progea has embraced. 

The new Movicon.NExT platform demonstrates this with its data information model based on the OPC UA standards to comply with Industry 4.0 and IoT concepts.

 Within this context, Microsoft, who has an estimated potential of 9 billion micro devices in all industrial and consumer sectors, has released Windows 10 IoT operating system designed to run on micro devices such as Raspberry PI 2. This Microsoft operating system is free of charge and provides the essential requirements needed for running Apps that are capable of managing graphics, logic and communication stacks. 

 Progea is continuously focused on the scalability of its platforms, and foresees a future of Micro-HMI capable of using low-end peripheral systems. Progea is committed to maintain the design engineering concept of the Movicon.NExT technology to support a wide range of devices from embedded controllers to enterprise servers..

 The application presented at the SPS Nuremburg 2015 tradefair is an example of this. This application was designed to be used with a Raspberry PI 2 card, Windows 10 IoT Operating System and the Movicon.NExT IoT runtime. On this occasion it was showcased to demonstrate how to run a project application designed for a thermoregulation, visualization and control system. 

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