Numascale uses ADLINK computers for Big Data applications

  • April 14, 2016
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April 14, 2016 – Numascale uses ADLINK’s SETO-1000 platform to run software to implement big data analytics.

The increase in IoT and analytics applications is generating a huge flow of data, causing network capacity issues and leading to the rise of edge computing, or fog computing, which provides high performance computing in close proximity to the service area, reducing backhaul costs and optimizing infrastructure efficiency. The close proximity enabled by edge computing also brings extra low latency to data delivery, optimizing the experience of Internet users.

Leveraging the performance, rugged design and location flexibility provided by ADLINK’s SETO-1000, the Numascale IoT solution performs data analytics at the edge with a computing server installed at the factory and a process model downloaded from the cloud server. The solution enables businesses to implement preventive maintenance at a cost that is affordable for small- and-medium sized factories, putting IoT-based big data analytics within the reach of smaller companies with limited funding.

In this case, the SETO-1000 has helped Numascale implement advanced IoT applications without the need for building up the data center infrastructure, saving a great deal on

infrastructure investment and reducing backhaul usage, and its associated costs, from the Radio Access Network (RAN) to the cloud-end application server.

“Reinforced by an extreme rugged design, the SETO-1000 can be easily mounted almost anywhere even in extremely harsh outdoor environments. The attributes of high performance, ultra-ruggedness and location flexibility make SETO-1000 an ideal solution for edge computing deployments,“ said Yong Luo, head of ADLINK’s Embedded Computing Product Segment.

“In addition to smart factory, SETO-1000 has also been successfully used in deploying outdoor telecom infrastructure and other applications such as augmented reality visualization. We will be glad to see additional prominent IoT software service providers like Numascale explore the hardware resources provided by SETO-1000 and create more edge computing applications to accommodate the trends and requirements of IoT era.”

The thin and compact form factor of SETO-1000 also provides space economy and location flexibility; when there is no available space in the factory workshop, SETO-1000 can be installed in an outdoor corner, e.g., mounted onto an external wall or pole. Therefore, the Numascale smart factory solution is agile and can be applied to almost any factory.


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