ODVA to develop standards for a Common Industrial Cloud Interface

  • April 25, 2016
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April 25, 2016 — In its media briefing held at the Hannover Messe, ODVA announced a new area of technical work to develop standards for the gateway and interface technology needed to transport data between the cloud and CIP-enabled industrial control systems (ICS) populated with EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet devices. Ultimately, this work will result in The Common Industrial Cloud Interface Specification, a major new addition to ODVA’s technology portfolio.

ODVA’s scope of work for developing the Common Industrial Cloud Interface will encompass two elements in the ecosystem for the industrial cloud: a cloud gateway appliance (Gateway) and an application program interface (API) for the transport of data from the Gateway to the cloud and from the cloud back to the ICS and its devices. Based on open and interoperable standards supported by multiple vendors, ODVA’s new Common Industrial Cloud Interface will accelerate an architectural transformation inclusive of cloud computing to support device management, process analytics, notifications, remote access, virtualization, visualization and, in the future, control.

Integration of the Common Industrial Cloud Interface into ODVA’s portfolio of information and communication technologies is one element in ODVA’s Optimization 4.0 initiative, the umbrella under which ODVA aggregates its vision of the industrial Internet of Things as it relates to the realization of the fourth industrial revolution. To this end, the Common Industrial Cloud Interface will enable an enterprise architecture inclusive of cloud computing resources, based on industry standards, and will optimize high performance, secure communications between devices, an ICS and the cloud, as well as simplify common tasks that must be performed by the Gateway. ODVA’s view of its cloud ecosystem is agnostic with respect to the deployment of cloud computing resources in off-premise, on premise, public, private and/or hybrid models. Furthermore, ODVA‘s scope of work for its Common Industrial Cloud Interface excludes services and applications within the cloud itself.

In 2015, ODVA announced that it published specification enhancements for CIP Security, a collection of services for cybersecurity within its Common Industrial Protocol, and also that it initiated new technical work to enhance The EtherNet/IP Specification with certain emerging standards for Time Sensitive Networking. ODVA’s technical work to define the its Common Industrial Cloud Interface technology will commence in mid-2016 starting with the formation of the Special Interest Group for the Common Industrial Cloud Interface. When released, The Common Industrial Cloud Interface Specification will be among six specifications published by ODVA, including the specifications for the EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet, ControlNet and CIP Safety technologies.

About ODVA

Founded in 1995, ODVA is a global association whose members comprise the world’s leading automation companies. ODVA’s mission is to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies in industrial automation. ODVA recognizes its media independent network protocol, the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP” – and the network adaptations of CIP – EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet and ControlNet – as its core technology and the primary common interest of its membership. 

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