OPEN MIND Technologies supplies CAD/CAM software to BMW

  • April 18, 2016
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18 April 2016 – BMW AG has introduced OPEN MIND Technologies AG, developer of the CAM system hyperMILL, as one of its CAD/CAM software suppliers. Following multi-phase benchmark tests, the modular hyperMILLcomplete CAM solution won over the IT department at the BMW Group.

The IT department, the specialist tool engineering and prototyping departments as well as serial production, see hyperMILL as an intuitive CAD/CAM system with technical fulfilment. BMW plants around the world can now select and employ hyperMILL in consultation with IT headquarters.

Intensive benchmark tests

In the autumn of 2014, the BMW Group invited OPEN MIND and five other CAD/CAM manufacturers to take part in benchmark tests. A multi-phase selection procedure saw the CAD/CAM systems undergo intensive testing in the following main categories: ‘tool making’, ‘series production’, ‘prototyping’ and the internal BMW category ‘CAM light’. This was followed by a technical evaluation based on presentations and programming tasks. To make the shortlist, the system had to successfully pass the economic evaluation. OPEN MIND came out on top thanks to the technical and economic benefits of hyperMILL. This cleared the way for the pilot phase with milling tests in early 2015. Users from the specialist departments at BMW M GmbH, Material testing, Tooling in Munich and Dingolfing were provided with training and began to use the OPEN MIND system to program components and tools.

High standards

hyperMILL is a modular CAM solution that integrates a comprehensive concept for 2D, 3D as well as 5axis milling/mill turning and machining operations like high-speed cutting (HSC and HPC) in one interface. Complete machining with one CAM software and one postprocessor for all turning and milling processes results in integrated processes and minimized machining times.

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