Oztek replaces Excel with Omnify PLM

  • February 12, 2016
  • Case Study

February 12, 2016 - Oztek designs and manufactures digitally controlled power converter solutions for the OEM market, including standard, semi-custom, and full-custom designs. Products include AC and PMSM Motor drives, Grid Tie Inverters, Voltage Mode Inverters, DC/DC Converters, and SCR based solutions.

Prior to adopting Omnify Software, Oztek utilized a manual, paper-based Engineering Change Order (ECO) system. ECO numbers were logged in Excel. Forms were completed in Word and then printed and routed through appropriate personnel for sign-off. Once approved, signed forms were then digitally scanned for record keeping purposes. Associated files were manually moved on a server and archived using a software versioning tool, adding another step to already lengthy process.

“As our business grew, so did the number of parts, products, documents, procedures, and changes,” stated Dave Zendzian, CTO and VP of Engineering for Oztek. “The paper system was labor and time intensive, prone to errors, and lacked any useful traceability.”

Oztek’s primary goal was to replace their paper ECO process with an automated, computer-based solution in order to eliminate the manual record keeping steps while providing better traceability and reporting. A second goal was to improve their ability to manage components including; initial part creation, use of attributes, a formal approval process, and integration with their CAD environment, Cadence OrCAD.

“The Omnify Empower PLM solution has exceeded our expectations,” stated Mr. Zendzian. “First off, it’s a simple to use web application, eliminating the need to install and maintain software on each computer in our organization and second, the user interface is maintained over the various modules making it intuitive to use and easy to train new employees.”

Oztek now has a tight association among components, assemblies, products, and documentation which is a tremendous improvement over their old paper system. “We can now see and evaluate the impact of a component change with the click of a button. Similarly, with the click of a button, one can see all ECOs applied to a product, document, etc.,” noted Mr. Zendzian.

Omnify Empower’s workflow engine has allowed Oztek to replace physically walking “red ECO” folders around the organization. The automated signoff process is far easier to use and manage, and provides much needed traceability on an ECO status to help identify bottlenecks. The entire post release process has been virtually eliminated which has saved about two work days per month previously spent scanning, naming and archiving documents.

Prior to using Omnify Empower, Oztek had very little process control over their CAD component data. Little to no part data was stored in the paper-based system, making part selection a time consuming and difficult task. New parts were created and numbers were assigned using a manual, word-of-mouth process. Omnify Empower has changed this for the company. All parts now have required attributes that allow the engineer to use Empower’s powerful search engine to find applicable solutions. New part requests and approvals are all done within Omnify Empower, providing control over the entire process. In addition, Omnify Empower integrates directly with OrCAD, their schematic capture system, making all parts, along with associated attributes, visible and searchable within the CAD design environment.

“Along with our two main objectives, we’ve also implemented the Training module,” said Mr. Zendzian. “This has contributed to another drastic improvement in our process.” In the past, most of Oztek’s training was centered on the release of new procedures, with little to no training associated with updates and other document releases. Now all item releases and changes are reviewed for potential training requirements by a Training Administrator as part of their workflow. Once an item has been configured, training itself is handled automatically within Omnify Empower by providing email notification to impacted employees, verification, and traceability.

With better part selection processes, a better engineering change system and better trained employees, Oztek has achieved their product development improvement goals and more.

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