Servo2Go carries Advanced Motion Controls servo drives

  • February 11, 2016
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February 11, 2016 - Servo2Go now carries Advanced Motion Controls servo drives.

Currently, AMC offers hundreds of standard servo drive and amplifier models, accept various command signals, communicate over several networks and operate in many different modes. For instance, the digital product line supports several different interface options including: analog input, step and direction, encoder following, RS-232/485, CANopen or SynqNet. These same interfaces can be found on servo drives with power output capabilities ranging from 20W up to 40KW of peak output.

Available AMC Products by Network connections (centralized or distributed servo systems): CANopen, RS232, RS485, EtherCAT, EPL, Ethernet PowerLink, SynqNet We also have technology to support the following interfaces: DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, FireWire, Profibus, USB, Universal Serial Bus and Sercos. Products include:, Brush DC Servo Drives, Trapezoidal Brushless Servo Drives, Digital Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Drives, Analog Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Drives, PWM Input Servo Drives, CANopen Brushless Servo Drives, SynqNet Brushless Servo Drives, Single Phase Input Models, Power Supplies & Accessories, PCB mounted Extended Environment Models available in both digital and analog varieties.

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