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  • January 19, 2016
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The China challenge

Small and medium-sized companies face substantial challenges to services in China:

  • The high degree of stress that travelling back and forth to China places on German employees
  • High travel costs
  • During the time they are deployed in China, German employees are not available for other projects.
  • Due to long lead times (e.g. for a visa), there is no possibility for last-minute meetings with the client to discuss technical details.
  • The time difference between China and Germany inhibits effective communication.
  • The language barrier makes it difficult to clarify technical issues.
  • Chinese legislation (e.g. tax laws) changes frequently.
  • Using local Chinese employees is often accompanied by a high turnover and causes inconsistency in working with customers.

A professional and solution-oriented customer interface is required in China in order to optimise one's competitive edge. Essential requirements for a competitive service concept here include personal contact with customers in their native tongue as well as rapid availability.


infoteam creates this interface to your customers

infoteam Software AG has experienced software engineers on board in China who speak the local language and, following a suitable training in the appropriate technologies, can be with the customer in a timely manner without having to endure a lengthy visa application process. Our employees can promptly and personally investigate or fix issues, test customisations and evaluate and adjust parameters. Depending on your desires, our employees either come alone or act as an agent to your local experts. You define the requirements, procedures and documentation requirements, and control the work from Germany. 

Therefore you have your own contact person available here. infoteam Software AG has already been present in China for ten years, and its employee turnover has always been low by Chinese standards. This ensures the security of your investment in China and guarantees the satisfaction of your Chinese customers. The entire process - including consideration of Chinese employment, contract and tax law with all its peculiarities - goes through our German head office at its headquarters in Bubenreuth near Erlangen.


Productive and constructive collaboration

Our developers have to be trained according to your specifications in order to be deployed for your Chinese customers. We usually familiarise them at your site in Germany (e.g. on-the-job training, which sees them shadowing your experts). Depending on requirements, this training lasts four to six weeks, and should be repeated or refreshed on a slightly reduced scale and on a regular basis.

We also plan for our staff to visit at least once a year. On the one hand, this deepens our personal relationship with your colleagues and thus increases the efficiency of our collaboration. On the other hand, our visits are the basis for communicating new knowledge and developments, and for debriefing operations that have been conducted with the goal of continuous improvement.


Use our expertise

infoteam Software AG will support you in assigning tasks for all of your software solutions in the Chinese market, and will help you reduce the amount of time and money you spend. Because in comparison to deploying your own employees in China, you will benefit from many advantages:

  • Our very low employee turnover
  • Our knowledge of the Chinese market
  • Our proven skills
  • Simple billing directly in Germany without any overhead for taxes, benefits, personnel management, overtime and holiday regulations, exchange rate risk, etc.
  • Uncomplicated planning and simple adaptation of capacities
  • No expenses associated with establishing and operating a Chinese subsidiary
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