Automated Test Equipment – An Apparatus that Performs Tests on a Device Using Automation

  • June 01, 2016
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Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is an apparatus that uses automation to perform test on various units under test (UUTs) or devices under test (DUTs) to perform measurement and quickly evaluate the results. An ATE ranges from a simple digital multimeter to complex test instruments. ATE is capable of automatically diagnosing and testing faults in wafer testing, integrated circuits, system on chips and electronic packaged parts. ATE is extensively used in electronic manufacturing industry in order to test systems and electronic components for defects throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that end product functions correctly. Integrated circuits on a wafer have to be tested prior to die preparation and this makes automated test equipment extremely vital for semiconductor manufacturing.

The success of tablets, PDAs has created a demand of greater functionality in terms of higher speeds, performance, and pin counts in products. In the last couple of years, the usability and demand for electronic and telecommunication equipments has considerably increased, corresponding directly to the growth of the electronics and telecom manufacturing industry. The contemporary practices of manufacturing are also triggering exciting transformations in the global automated test equipment market.

Automated Test Equipment or ATE is computer controlled method, which is indispensable to manufacturing process since it tests semiconductors and circuit boards for defects to ensure that the end product performs correctly and accurately. The semiconductor industry is switching over to a 28 nm node manufacturing process for application processors. This will prove immensely favorable for the growth of the demand of IC testing equipment. Again, effects of this increased demand will help boost the automated test equipment (ATE) market.

For achieving success in the automated test equipment (ATE) market, players will have to approach areas such as lower testing costs, faster turn times, and scaled-up production with a renewed focus. Players that make prudent investments in R&D, and achieve results from the same, are expected to gain a lead in the automated test equipment (ATE). Given that competition in the automated test equipment (ATE) market is growing at a rapid pace, R&D initiatives can be the advantage companies need.

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Scale Up Production and Faster Turn-around Time to Benefit the Global ATE Market

The key to success in the automated test equipment market is reduction in testing cost, scaled-up production, and quicker turn-around time. This along with renewed focus can help manufacturers dig in for lucrative market opportunities. Vendors who make prudent R&D investment are expected to gain lead in the market apart from achieving progressive market results. The automated test equipment market is characterized by the prevalence of cut-throat competition wherein leading players such as LTX-Credence Corporation, Teradyne, Inc., and Advantest Corporation are contesting to dominate the market.

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