CarrefourSA implements COPA-DATA's zenon for energy management

  • June 15, 2016
  • Case Study

June 15, 2016 - For the retail sector, energy is one of the main expenditures and this, in turn, has a direct effect on the price of the end product. Lighting, cooling, heating and refrigrator systems consume energy in significant amounts, and these should be monitored for energy efficiency and consumption. At the beginning of 2012, CarrefourSA started an energy saving program with an investment plan to improve their lighting and automation systems. The program required a central control and management system with the ability to control and monitor all consumption areas.

The goal of the project was to reduce the overall annual energy consumption, particularly where equipment was out-of-date, and gain full control of the retail stores from one central location

The solution for fully automated retail markets consisted of implementing central and remote SCADA servers with the ability to handle large numbers of parameters, installing new energy meters, automation panels and PLC control panels. For CarrefourSA, zenon was the best solution – with its ability to handle numerous monitoring parameters and its advanced networking features.


Measured results

Using zenon, technical engineers can access the retail stores or hypermarkets remotely and have full control of the system from the SCADA server at their headquarters. Retail stores have automated control and hypermarkets have their own SCADA systems, where the main SCADA server is redundant to the hypermarket SCADA system.

Without monitoring you cannot be in control and have the ability to react efficiently. Therefore, having a central cost control system, CarrefourSA engineers can monitor their retail stores, compare the M2 consumption values and react at the retail stores where consumption of M2 kwh is higher than it should be.]

Any energy saving investment can be monitored online and decisions can be taken when previous reference values are given. The project had been designed by SGE engineers who have integrated more than 30,000 monitoring tags in zenon Supervisor, giving 1 second updates on local servers.

CarrefourSA has invested in zenon Supervisor. The result of all their energy consumption optimization measures is extensive savings of more than 1.5MW per hour.  

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