Emerson helps HRSD wastewater utility automate remote assets in Virginia

  • June 21, 2016
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June 21, 2016 — Emerson Process Management is replacing an outdated SCADA system as well as remote terminal units (RTUs) used throughout HRSD’s vast wastewater collection system. Emerson’s Ovation control and SCADA systems with ControlWave RTU technologies will help HRSD effectively manage its current remote assets and accommodate future expansion as the service area continues to grow. Currently, HRSD serves about 1.7 million people over an area of more than 2,800 square miles in 17 southeast Virginia cities and counties.

As part of the Interceptor project, Ovation control systems will be installed at HRSD’s three operations centers. In addition, a new Ovation SCADA system with approximately 175 ControlWave RTUs will  deliver comprehensive, real-time data – including flows, levels and pressures – to the operations centers from approximately 500 miles of piping and 115 remote pump/lift stations in the HRSD collection system. This information will be used to determine the most efficient distribution of wastewater to HRSD’s nine major and four smaller wastewater treatment plants. The majority of the treatment plants, which have a combined capacity of 249 million gallons per day, already utilize the Ovation platform for in-plant controls.

To help HRSD protect against current and future cybersecurity threats, Emerson will also install its Ovation Security Center at each operations center. This integrated security solution will allow HRSD to streamline management of critical cybersecurity protection functions, including software patch deployment, malware prevention, network intrusion detection, antivirus protection, and security incident and event management.

Using a single, integrated automation platform across its expansive wastewater collection system will also enable HRSD to recognize cost advantages that include a reduced spare-parts inventory and more- efficient training of trades.

The Interceptor SCADA System Upgrade project will be implemented in four phases. During the RTU installations, Emerson will help coordinate organized cutovers to the new technology at each remote site. The final phase of the project is expected to be completed by March 2018.

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