Global Control Valves Business - Skyrocketing or Hitting Bottom?

  • May 25, 2016
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The major usage of control valves is to control conditions such as pressure, temperature, flow and liquid level either fully or partially closing or opening the valve in response to the signals being received from controllers.

Industrial Applications Brief: The increasing automation needs in industries across all fields are propelling the usage of Control Valves. These products are viewed as very important in increasing efficiency, safety and profitability of especially process industries. Few process industries where they are widely used would be: • Oil & Gas • Petrochemical • Power Generation • Mining • Food and Beverages and more Latest market research by IndustryARC suggests that the Control Valves Market showed a past record of around $17.5 Billion in 2015 and is set to project a CAGR growth rate of 4.39% in the future.

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Market Driving Factors: 1. Increasing industrial focus towards automation and expanding process industries 2. Increased investors are taking interest in this industry and this shall clearly propel the market further, according to research 3. Existing flourished companies are expected to continue the R&D. 4. Startups and young firms are going to be increasing the demand due to their need to fulfill and match the industrial infrastructure and facilities, says study 5. Increased and yet growing need for control of large quantities of energy wastage 6. Analysis suggests that the increased number of pipeline installations will be a helpful driving factor 7. Rising demand and investment in Oil & Gas industry Region wise, India and China are forecasted to fuel the sales and revenue of the overall market during the coming 5 years forecast period, 2015-2020.

REPORT SCOPE: Market Segmentation: Control Valves Market is broadly divided into 5 types based on certain factors being: 1. By Valve Body: Linear Motion and Rotary. Linear Motion sub segmented into types like Globe Valve, Diaphragm Valve and Pinch Valve. Rotary’s sub segments being Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve and Plug Valve. 2. By Valve End Connection: Screwed Pipe Threads, Bolted Gasketed Flangs and Welding & Connections. 3. By Leakage: Seat Leakage and Valve Leakage. 4. By Application: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers, Processed Food, Textile and Others. 5. By Geography: America, Europe, APAC and ROW.

Key Market Players: Among the many companies of Control Valves Market surveyed by IndustryARC, these are the top few: • Apollo Valves - Conbraco Industries, Inc. • Curtiss-Wright Valve Group - Industrial Division • SAMSON CONTROLS, INC. • Dorot Control Valves • Flowserve Corporation

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