CyberX announces ICS Attack Vector Prediction technology

  • July 26, 2017
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CyberX announces ICS Attack Vector Prediction technology
CyberX announces ICS Attack Vector Prediction technology

July 26, 2017 – CyberX announced new breach and attack vector simulation technology that incorporates proprietary analytics to predict and help prevent targeted attacks on critical Operational Technology (OT) assets.

CyberX’s  ICS Attack Vector Prediction technology generates a visual representation of all possible attack chains — ranked by risk — that can compromise critical OT assets, such as robotics machinery in manufacturing plants and circuit breakers in electrical substations.  This approach immediately highlights the most important security gaps, enabling OT security teams to proactively mitigate risk and prioritize mitigation activities based on the most likely attack scenarios — enabling more effective use of limited skilled resources and narrow maintenance windows.

Security teams can quickly simulate what-if mitigation actions, such as “If I isolate or patch this insecure device, does it eliminate the risk to my most critical assets?” In addition, visualization of potential breach paths (see screen shot) helps business management and OT stakeholders understand the business impact of top risks to their most valuable assets.

CyberX’s attack vector simulation is based on its detailed analysis of all network and endpoint vulnerabilities identified by CyberX’s agentless asset discovery and vulnerability assessment technology.  Unlike active vulnerability scanning approaches developed for IT rather than OT environments, the CyberX platform combines a deep understanding of industrial protocols and industrial devices with non-invasive network traffic analysis (NTA), in order to comprehensively identify OT vulnerabilities without impacting OT networks or causing downtime of operational assets.

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