ELNOR delivers automated coffee grinding for MAHLKÖNIG

  • January 27, 2017
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ELNOR delivers automated coffee grinding for MAHLKÖNIG
ELNOR delivers automated coffee grinding for MAHLKÖNIG

January 27, 2017 - For more than 90 years MAHLKÖNIG has been turning its full attention and dedication to grinding coffee beans, spices, grains or seeds. The company has a long track record of engineering and manufacturing grinders according to any individual requirement of its global partners and end users. In 1960 the company made the decision to have its premium coffee grinders driven by ELNOR custom electric motors.

The motor’s internal windings and electric circuitry are designed to deliver the performance characteristics required by MAHLKÖNIG’s demanding grinding applications. The starting torque of the motor is substantially higher than standard commercial off-the-shelf electric motors. And at the same time the motor exhibits lower noise and vibration.

The custom motor is built to deliver the 750 Watt power that MAHLKÖNIG needs for its popular EK/EKK 43 line of coffee grinders. Commercial single-phase motors with a comparable power usually lack sufficient torque to start off the grinding process when beans are filling the grinder chamber. ELNOR delivers higher starting torque through a specific windings design, start-and-run electrolytic capacitors and a proprietary centrifugal internal switch.

Precision is critical in the grinding process to obtain a uniform particle size – the secret of top-quality coffee. MAHLKÖNIG has a reputation in developing grinding disc geometry and texture to obtain a superior coffee experience. To support premium grinding ELNOR must keep to the very tight mechanical tolerances on the motor. Besides grinding itself, tight motor tolerances are essential in keeping noise and vibrations low, which gives MAHLKÖNIG’s customers the comfort feel they can expect from a premium grinder.

To meet MAHLKÖNIG’s high-precision requirements, ELNOR ensures accurate production and assembly of its motor parts. Engineers from ELNOR perform geometric verification measurements on a CMM as well as noise and vibration investigations in its laboratory.

In collaboration with MAHLKÖNIG, ELNOR developed a longer motor shaft to directly drive the grinding discs. For that reason, ELNOR developed a single part that integrates both the motor bearing chamber and grinding housing. This aluminium part fits directly onto one side of the motor housing. The other side is fitted with a regular cover with an integrated bearing chamber.

Both the grinder and the motor are built to last for generations of coffee lovers. MAHLKÖNIG has an international network of dealers and service partners for maintaining the grinders.

The collaboration between ELNOR and MAHLKÖNIG resulted in a shop grinder product. The motor has been integrated into the product, featuring a direct transmission to the grinding discs. ELNOR lived up to the requirements of MAHLKÖNIG’s grinding technology. The integrated motor design contributes to the commercial success of the grinder. The integrated direct transmission reduces the number of components as well as the related assembly times.

ELNOR motors are available in multiple mains voltages, supporting intercontinental markets.


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