KASTO introduces KASTO machine monitoring app

  • January 10, 2017
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KASTO introduces KASTO machine monitoring app
KASTO introduces KASTO machine monitoring app

January 10, 2017 - The metal sawing and storage technology specialist KASTO has introduced an app for management of its sawing machines to the market. With their smartphones or tablets, users can query and monitor the status of their machines at any time and from anywhere on the company premises. If necessary, they can respond right away. The KASTOapp clearly shows all the important information at a glance.

The KASTOapp displays the status of all KASTO sawing machines in the network that are equipped with the EasyControl or ExpertControl systems. It indicates whether they are in automatic or manual mode, reports malfunctions and shows if a tool change is taking place. For each saw, the user can see the name, machine number and type at a glance.

In addition, if a saw is running in automatic mode, the KASTOapp can access its control system. This gives the user exact information on all relevant parameters, such as the material, cutting length, target and actual quantity, feed rate and cutting speed. If a malfunction occurs, the app presents a graphic visualisation of the corresponding error message so that the user can react quickly. Downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum. The KASTOapp has a clear and simple structure for easy use.

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