Productive Robotics announces acquisition of Cobots Guide

  • March 28, 2017
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Productive Robotics announces acquisition of Cobots Guide
Productive Robotics announces acquisition of Cobots Guide

March 28, 2017 – Productive Robotics, the makers of OB-7 collaborative robots, has acquired Cobots Guide to advance industry relations, education, research, and advocacy in the acceptance and use of collaborative robots.

With market forecasts of $2 billion by 2021, the collaborative robot industry will be experiencing considerable growth. Collaborative robots or “cobots” are an evolution from traditional industrial robots offering more lightweight, mobile, and flexible robots that can work alongside humans. Cobots can eliminate the need for cages or safety fencing, while also reducing workplace accidents.

Operating independently from Productive Robotics, Inc, Cobots Guide will advocate for the collaborative robot industry to encourage broad knowledge and acceptance of collaborative robots in manufacturing and non-manufacturing practice, education and public policy.

Cobots Guide will be introducing a new media portal for industry leaders to connect, share, and increase exposure to their latest technology advancements, press releases, and other related news. This acquisition will benefit Cobots Guide with the resources to represent the industry as the best source of information on cobots.

Cobots Guide is a website dedicated to advocacy of collaborative robots. As a research guide for collaborative robots, Cobots Guide currently offers information on applications, news, robotics terminology, ROI calculations, and data comparison of the current cobots in the global marketplace. 

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