Statseeker releases Digital Transformation whitepaper

  • April 06, 2017
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Statseeker releases Digital Transformation whitepaper
Statseeker releases Digital Transformation whitepaper

April 6, 2017 - A smart, connected enterprise can embrace the digital transformation in the coming Internet of Things (IoT) world.  Manufacturers must adopt technologies that transform operating models and allow for digital connections of processes, events, actions, internal workers and external partners. This transformation will allow manufacturers greater agility and flexibility for regional or global production.

"In a move to enhance productivity and to remain more competitive in an emerging global landscape, companies need to apply smarter and more connected technology. While that can add complexity to solutions, nothing - not even the plant floor -- can be an island anymore" states Shane Chubb, Senior Product Manager.

Statseeker's latest White Paper - Digital Transformation provides insight into

  • IT/OT convergence
  • How data collecting can lead to greater collaboration, operational excellence and profitability
  • Suggested steps towards advancing a digital transformation strategy
  • Sample Use cases related to firms gaining from extreme networking

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper - Digital Transformation

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Statseeker provides network monitoring solutions for the IT enterprise and OT industrial market space. With active deployments in over 22 countries and many Fortune 100 firms, Statseeker monitors millions of interfaces in real-time. These companies trust Statseeker to deliver big data, make decisions and take action. 

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