Grace Engineered Products announces acquisition of Civionics

  • April 19, 2018
  • Grace Engineered Products, Inc.
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Grace Engineered Products announces acquisition of Civionics
Grace Engineered Products announces acquisition of Civionics

April 19, 2018—Grace Engineered Products announced the acquisition of Civionics—the creators of Percƒìv IIoT predictive sensing technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into each Percƒìv wireless sensing node works to maximize battery life and enable predictive maintenance capabilities to be deployed on both new and legacy assets.

In 2005, Civionics CTO, Andy Zimmerman Ph.D., and CSO, Jerry Lynch Ph.D. conceived the precursor to today’s Percƒìv technology.  For over a decade they have deployed sensors onto civil infrastructure to identify and quantify the health of monitored bridges, buildings, ships and wind turbines. With a decade of insight into the demands of predictive sensing systems in the civil ecosystem, Percƒìv technology found its way to industrial predictive maintenance applications.

In 2016, Gerry Roston, CEO of Civionics brought the company’s first industrial system into an automotive stamping plant where, to date, their solutions have prevented over $2 million of downtime.

With the acquisition, Dr. Zimmerman will be transitioning to Grace and will serve as Chief Technology Officer. He holds advanced degrees in both Civil Engineering and Computer Science and has experience developing artificial intelligence-based hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions.

About Grace

Grace Engineered Products is a specialist in electrical safety product solutions.  Moving forward, the GraceSense product line is a marriage of preventative maintenance technology and personnel safety techniques. The company’s products are available around the globe via a distribution network and sales presence in 60+ countries.

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