Siemens announces adoption of Palo Alto Networks firewalls (NGFWs)

  • April 19, 2018
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Siemens announces adoption of Palo Alto Networks firewalls (NGFWs)
Siemens announces adoption of Palo Alto Networks firewalls (NGFWs)

April 19, 2018 - Siemens announced its adoption of Palo Alto Networks firewalls (NGFWs) to enhance the protection of industrial organizations in manufacturing and process industries against cyberattacks. The Palo Alto Networks NGFW aims to put in place protection to secure the complex interfaces between office and automation networks. The NGFWs allow Siemens customers to select from a variety of security levels and adjust them in-line with their own specific needs. The additional firewall will complement Siemens’ Scalance S Industrial Security Appliances which protect devices and network segments.

Due to the different network structures and applications involved, the demands for security can vary considerably from one industry to the next. As part of its Industrial Security Services, Siemens offers an answer in the form of Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. Palo Alto Networks technology works to reduce the attack surface and the risk of accidental cyber incidents by creating network segments and enforcing role-based access controls, with the least privilege for a user or process, as described in the IEC 62443 standard. Additionally, it enables secure and appropriate access for corporate users, vendors and partners. As advanced threats become relevant to ICS/SCADA, users can also benefit from the NGFWs capability to natively stop both known and unknown threats with advanced security services.

Siemens Industrial Security Services are a range of services based on the IEC 62443 standard and designed to enhance the security of industrial plants which benefit not only existing customers of Siemens components, but also those using third-party equipment, and are based on a multi-layer protection level approach. The services encompass asset inventory and tracking, patch and vulnerability management, network segmentation, industrial security management, incident handling and security consulting services. Siemens also provides a Product Computer Emergency Response Team (ProductCERT) for Siemens solutions.  

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