Infographic: AI’s Role in Today’s Society

  • June 04, 2019
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Infographic: AI’s Role in Today’s Society
Infographic: AI’s Role in Today’s Society

By TechJury


As the saying goes, “the only thing that’s permanent is change.” At this day and age, progress is and will always be the defining factor in the success and growth of a company. While it seems like humanity has exhausted all possible technologies to upgrade various industries, it’s hard to deny the fact that as a society, we are taking huge steps towards AI integration.


AI or artificial intelligence is the next frontier in human technology. We are probably years away from developing pop culture icons such as SkyNet and Hal 9000. But of course, we wouldn’t want to live in a reality where AI does more harm than help.


However, what is certain is that we are currently on the verge of AI-integration within various industries such as healthcare, retail, and the auto industry.  What is also certain is that AI is here to help us out.


Companies are now presented with a great opportunity to join the booming AI industry, which is expected to be worth over $80 billion by 2025. As a piece of revolutionary technology, AI brings forth efficiency and automation to companies that make use of them. For consumers, this means faster transactions, a higher quality of service, and most importantly, a streamlined customer experience. Companies are working hard to fully utilize what the technology is capable of, and they are reaping numerous benefits from it. Even if AI still has a long way to go, it’s already upending various industries as we know it.


Big brands such as Amazon, Google, and Tesla are all a part of the AI revolution. What’s even more surprising is that even the small brands are using the technology for their own good. By developing an equally beneficial ecosystem for AI and companies, we are able to push for its growth even further.


AI has come a long way over the last decade, and it’s always a treat to see its journey from being merely a fantasy to a technology that is easily accessible. Here’s a glimpse of the present and future state of AI shown through informative statistics:


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