Vuzix' AR contest dares you to see the industrial world through Smart Glasses

  • May 21, 2019
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Vuzix' AR contest dares you to see the industrial world through Smart Glasses
Vuzix' AR contest dares you to see the industrial world through Smart Glasses

May 21, 2019 - Augmented reality (AR) and high bandwidth edge computing over 5G networks are going to change the world of industrial automation, maintenance and communications.  We just don’t know how yet. That’s why Vuzix Corporation, a supplier of smart glasses, AR technology and other products, has partnered with Verizon and CGTrader to create the Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses App Development Contest. A total of $110,000 in awards will be shared among seven winners, and app submissions meeting the required contest criteria also will be considered for honorable mention designation -- entitling developers to reimbursement of their purchase of one set of Vuzix Blade smart glasses.  

Verizon which rolled out its first 5G network coverage areas earlier this year, says 5G technology will enable “the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where everything that can be connected will be, and the full force of transformative technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles will permeate where we live, work and play.” CGTrader Marketplace is said to be the world's largest source for licensable 3D content, with more than 800,000 3D models and a managed community of close to two million users that include some highly-skilled 3D designers.  Vuzix, whose “mission is to make wearable AR glasses as common as sunglasses and ultimately offer a hands-free alternative to phones and tablets for both consumers and professionals,” makes wearable computing devices including the Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses.

Vuzix, which holds 153 patents and patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the video eyewear field, sees the contest as a way to bring the most innovative AR smart glasses applications to light.  The Vuzix Blade app development contest officially began on May 21, 2019 and all contest submissions will be accepted until September 30, 2019. A panel of judges from Vuzix, Verizon and other industry partners will be responsible for selecting the winners. The winners will be announced on or before November 14, 2019. 

App development contest participants that make a purchase through during the contest period, will receive a 20% discount off their purchase. Developers can submit entries under three categories: 

  • Personal – This category is for apps meant to enhance an individual's day-to-day activities, lifestyle, leisure, fitness, health, wellness, etc. Examples include jogging and yoga guides. 
  • Business - This category is for apps meant to streamline processes and/or contribute to workplace productivity, including making it easier for workers to do their job or complete work-related specific tasks. 
  • Gaming & Entertainment - This category is for apps that create a fun, interesting and/or engaging gaming or entertainment experience.

The prize categories are as follows: One grand prize winner will receive $50,000, the best entry in each of the three categories will receive $15,000 each, and the runners-up in each of the three app categories will receive $5,000 each.  More details are available online. 

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