DD/FDI Package to DTM + Customization = Easy Integration

  • March 20, 2020
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DD/FDI Package to DTM + Customization = Easy Integration
DD/FDI Package to DTM + Customization = Easy Integration
With the invention of smart field instruments, device drivers associated with them have become crucially important to fetch valuable diagnostic information to improve operations and performance saving valuable time and money.
Popular device integration standards such as EDDL, FDI and FDT/DTM enable these rich functionalities empowering the ‘smarts’ for these intelligent devices as ‘drivers’ providing a consistent device management solution for commissioning, configuration and maintenance. Based on customer needs, when a software version is available or new customization is required, the device suppliers are overloaded with the required maintenance for all three of these device integration solutions, sometimes making the entire device development cycle - especially migration from EDDL and FDI solutions to FDT/DTM a time consuming and costly task. 
Based on decades of experience in offering more than 500+ device integration solutions to device suppliers, we at Utthunga understand the challenges and have an innovative solution for developing and maintaining DTMs based on existing DD or FDI using the uFDI-DTM/ uDD-DTM development tool. 
The uFDI-DTM / uDD-DTM solution has four simple steps:
  1. Take your DD/FDI Device Package
  2. Convert that to FDT 1.2x/2.x DTM
  3. Understand your requirement for customization
  4. Deliver the customized generated DTM

Note: Customization may not be possible for some of the features


  • Supports FDT 1.2.x, 2.0 standards and complies to FDT style guide
  • Supports HART, PROFIBUS and FF (FDT 1.2x) protocols
  • UIP hosting support including direct access
  • Device health status
  • Offline/online configuration
  • Upload/download
  • Interoperable all major FDT Hosts

Benefits of uFDI-DTM/DD-DTM

Quick Solution
Easy Maintenance

About Utthunga

We are a niche product engineering company incepted in 2007. We are specialized in end-to-end product, software and cloud engineering including IIoT applications, industrials application software, embedded engineering, device integration, data acquisition/integration, OPC-UA, etc. We work actively with various technology consortiums and forums including FDT Group, FieldComm Group, OPC-Foundation, ODVA, PROFIBUS, etc., as a contributing member writing specifications, building common components, helping in technology adaptation and more. We are a certified FDT/DTM Accredited Test centre in India, and we have developed more than 500+ device integration solutions.  We can help you to solve your entire device development cycle maintenance problems. For more details on our solution visit our website at www.utthunga.com or email us contact@utthunga.com.
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