Ground-breaking Automotive Industry Initiative: German Edge Cloud Now a Member of Catena-X

  • April 13, 2021
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Ground-breaking Automotive Industry Initiative: German Edge Cloud Now a Member of Catena-X
Ground-breaking Automotive Industry Initiative: German Edge Cloud Now a Member of Catena-X

March 2021 - Eschborn/Frankfurt - Catena-X is developing an open, scalable network based on Gaia-X to enable the secure, inter-enterprise exchange of data in the automotive industry. In association with other members, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Deutsche Telekom, Robert Bosch, SAP, Siemens, and ZF, German Edge Cloud hopes to establish an open B2B platform that will strengthen the competitiveness of the German and European automotive industry.

The creation of open B2B industry-specific platforms for the digital exchange of information between manufacturers, suppliers and customers is becoming ever more important. In particular, they will enable new, data-driven business models.  The Catena-X cloud-based network was unveiled as an automotive alliance at the Digital Summit 2020 in the presence of Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier. It is designed to support the European vehicle manufacturing industry and its partners, in particular with the integration of mid-size suppliers.

The data platform is based on the Gaia-X European cloud infrastructure. This ensures that companies maintain complete control over any sensitive data they share in the cloud. The car and truck industry is undergoing fundamental change, and the platform is intended to help the sector overcome the associated challenges, and to pioneer the deployment of Gaia-X for concrete use cases.

German Edge Cloud takes an active role in Gaia-X solutions

German Edge Cloud (GEC) is an industry leader when it comes to data privacy and data control. German Edge Cloud (GEC) is an industry leader when it comes to data privacy and data control.  In particular, GEC solutions facilitate especially data-intensive and performance-critical Industry 4.0 applications. German Edge Cloud is a subsidiary of Friedhelm Loh Group, one of the founding members of Gaia-X. The European project was launched in the autumn of 2019 by Peter Altmaier, German Minister of Economic Affairs, with a key contribution from Professor Friedhelm Loh. 

German Edge Cloud enables effective data control in a number of ways, for example by means of the company’s own product, ONCITE. This is an edge-cloud data centre that hosts industrial software, allowing production-related real-time applications in conjunction with secure, Gaia-X-compliant integration with legacy cloud solutions. Data from manufacturing and other value chain processes can therefore be safely exchanged and used beyond enterprise boundaries. Through its alignment with Gaia-X, German Edge Cloud is helping to establish a secure European data infrastructure.

The goal is to strengthen vehicle manufacturers and their mid-size suppliers

By participating in the Catena-X alliance, German Edge Cloud hopes to make it possible to transfer Gaia-X concepts to real-world scenarios in the automotive industry. “Our first aim is to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of inter-enterprise data exchange in the supply chain, for example to track and trace components. Moreover, as a mid-size equipment supplier, we can actively promote the adoption of these concepts by mid-size manufacturers,” explains Dieter Meuser, CEO of Industrial Solutions at German Edge Cloud.

Dr. Sebastian Ritz, CEO of Cloud Automation at German Edge Cloud, stated: “By joining the Catena-X automotive network, we are taking a further important step toward establishing a standardised Germany-wide and Europe-wide platform for secure data exchange, and for the implementation of new industrial business models. This initiative will significantly strengthen the international competitiveness of the automotive industry.” 

About German Edge Cloud

German Edge Cloud (GEC), a member of the Friedhelm Loh Group, specialises in innovative edge and cloud computing. GEC solutions enable the rapid, simple and secure availability of data in connected environments. They support process optimisation, for instance in manufacturing, by empowering data analytics, and guarantee customers complete control over their data when using public or private clouds. GEC is a developer and service integrator for turnkey solutions, offering both its own and sector-specific systems. The company already deploys its solutions at the Industry 4.0 factory of sister company Rittal in Haiger. German Edge Cloud integrates and operates hybrid private edge-cloud infrastructures. Its offerings include infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and industry-specific applications as software as a service (SaaS). As a founding member of the Gaia-X Foundation, German Edge Cloud seeks to establish interoperable platforms with minimal customer lock-in.

German Edge Cloud is a member of the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group. The group successfully operates 12 production facilities and 96 subsidiaries worldwide. It has 12,100 employees and posted revenues of €2.6 billion in fiscal 2019.

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