Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity Now Offered in English

  • April 13, 2021
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Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity Now Offered in English
Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity Now Offered in English

In an increasingly automated environment, where the technology and communication of devices have become an essential basis for the sustainability and growth of industrial organizations, the demand for professionals who ensure the cybersecurity of these infrastructures has grown exponentially.

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center, CCI, launched the first Industrial Cybersecurity Professional School entirely in Spanish with the dual objective of providing quality training for professionals with a practical approach and the flexibility that professionals and their organizations need; the same objectives have now encouraged the CCI to offer this same quality training to English-speaking students.

The CCI Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity has already trained more than 750 students in Spain and Latin America; more than 150 organizations have relied on it to train their professionals, in more than 60 sessions that have been held so far between workshops, courses and master’s degrees.

And we are pleased to announce that the Professional School is now also available in English.

The team of professors at the Professional School of Industrial Cybersecurity is made up of experts and collaborators of the CCI who have extensive experience in cybersecurity projects in industrial automation environments.

The CCI training covers different aspects and levels of Industrial Cybersecurity and because we know your time is precious, you can enjoy all our workshops, courses and even a master’s degree, all ONLINE.

This is the current training offered:

  • T01. Workshop Maturity Assessment of Cybersecurity Process in Industrial Organizations (6 hours – Online)
  • ‚ÄčT02. Workshop of Diagnosis of Cybersecurity in an Industrial Automation Environment (6 hours – Online)
  • T03. Workshop of Cybersecurity in the Life Cycle of an Industrial Project (6 hours – Online)
  • T04. Workshop of Application of an Industrial Cybersecurity Management System (6 hours – Online)
  • T05. Workshop of Forensic Analysis in an Industrial Automation Environment (6 hours, Online) • C01. Multidisciplinary Course on Digital Security in Industry 4.0 and Protection of Essential Services (20 hours – Online)
  • C02. Course of Cybersecurity Responsible in IACS [Industrial and Automation Control Systems] – (16 hours – Online)
  • M01. Online Professional Master of Industrial Cybersecurity (450 hours of dedication – Online)
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