Building Data Security for Embedded Systems with ITTIA DB

  • April 19, 2022
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Building Data Security for Embedded Systems with ITTIA DB
Building Data Security for Embedded Systems with ITTIA DB

April 14 - ITTIA, a global leading provider of time series high-performance secure embedded data management software, ITTIA DB, announced its Security Development Lifecycle, SDL. Security compliance requirements and development costs are significant. ITTIA SDL integrates security and privacy concerns throughout the development process, allowing embedded system manufacturers to benefit and leverage ITTIA’s secure data management software.

Embedded data management security risks and threats associated with device data present significant challenges, and ITTIA DB security features and ITTIA SDL provide strong protection for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. ITTIA DB security architecture secures multiple databases and communication channels in a single solution. It has been hardened against a variety of device application security attacks, protects data through strong encryption capabilities, as well as support for various authentication and authorization to access device databases. ITTIA DB Security Expert Agent Library, DB SEAL, is an intelligent agent to protect the embedded data stored in ITTIA DB database and offer alternatives for a device to operate as soon as it senses an attack.

As the need to shield against new threads is necessary, ITTIA SDL is a fundamental part of software development practices for this ever-changing security landscape. As a result of this strategic investment, embedded data management software design, development and quality assurance procedures are valued from inception.

"We're committed to providing enhanced security capabilities so that our customers may design embedded systems with secure data management and communication," said ITTIA president, Sasan Montaseri. "ITTIA DB enables manufacturers to benefit from a secure data management architecture that significantly reduces development and implementation costs."

In addition, the ITTIA Secure Embedded Data Management Summit Webinar on April 28 will reveal more detail about ITTIA SDL and methods for securing embedded data.


ITTIA provides a secure time-series data management platform for building real-time IoT applications. ITTIA DB enables manufacturers and software architects to collect, process, and secure data on the edge. ITTIA DB is known for empowering manufacturers to embed reliability, scalability, and performance into modern data-driven device software. Its simplicity, ease of use, and security offer developers the peace of mind to building innovative devices. ITTIA DB is designed to be suitable for mission-critical application development and deployment, at a significantly reasonable cost.

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