AspenTech White Paper Details Pharma's Roadmap for Smarter Manufacturing

  • December 15, 2022
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AspenTech White Paper Details Pharma's Roadmap for Smarter Manufacturing
AspenTech White Paper Details Pharma's Roadmap for Smarter Manufacturing

AspenTech, in collaboration with FT Longitude, conducted a survey of 400 pharma professionals (200 U.S.-based) in drug development or manufacturing. The results have been published in a white paper called Seizing New Opportunities: Pharma's Roadmap for Smarter Manufacturing. The results show how and where the industry plans to prioritize digital transformation in the next five years to transform multiple areas of their businesses, such as cloud/SaaS solutions, recruiting talent to fill skill gaps, continuous manufacturing, etc.

In the first section, the white paper discusses how and why pharma manufacturers and increasingly leaning on digital transformation to bring success. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation in many industries, and pharma is no exception.

In the second section, the report acknowledges several obstacles to digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. Potential road-blocks include cultural immaturity, lack of sufficient agility, data silos that threaten productivity, and regulations that can slow down digitalization.

The third part of the report provides suggestions for overcoming these obstacles. "To overcome supply chain challenges, product inconsistencies and long development timelines, pharma manufacturers must continue to prioritize operational agility," according to the report. "Doing so will help them seize new revenue opportunities, such as biologics and cell and gene therapies, while achieving critical pharma goals: boosting efficiency and productivity, delivering innovation and improving access to medicine and patient quality of life. It’s become increasingly evident that advancing digital transformation and implementing an integrated, robust digital strategy are (and will continue to be) key enablers of operational excellence for pharma companies."

The research also includes perspectives from thought leaders at GSK; Roche; Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany; and Kashiv BioSciences. 

Read this report to learn about digital strategies that will increase your operational agility. 

About Aspen Technology

Aspen Technology, Inc. is a global software leader helping industries at the forefront of the world’s dual challenge meet the increasing demand for resources from a rapidly growing population in a profitable and sustainable manner. AspenTech solutions address complex environments where it is critical to optimize the asset design, operation and maintenance lifecycle. Through our unique combination of deep domain expertise and innovation, customers in capital intensive industries can run their assets safer, greener, longer and faster to improve their operational excellence.

About FT Longitude

FT Longitude is a specialist thought leadership agency that is owned by the Financial Times. It combines strategy, research, content and activation services to produce real thought leadership that enables its clients to genuinely influence and inspire their audiences. The agency works with a wide range of the world’s most prestigious B2B brands across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. Its 80+ clients are concentrated in the professional services, financial services and technology sectors, but also stretch into energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and other sectors.

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