EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) releases EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster

  • February 13, 2020
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EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) releases EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster
EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) releases EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) offers manufacturers, developers and users support services for EtherCAT technology. The EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster is a tool that specifically helps developers of EtherCAT devices successfully navigate the EtherCAT world.

The poster deals with the basics of EtherCAT technology, the EtherCAT Device Protocol (EDP), and provides a visual overview of EtherCAT. It describes the basic functional principles of EtherCAT, the structure of the frame and its processing in the EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC). Additionally, it provides further information on the registers used by the ESC, the object model and references to relevant specification documents.

The target group for the EDP poster is primarily the developer community, and ETG intends for the document to serve as a basis for extended support for this group. Of course, the poster is also helpful for all who want to delve deeper into the EtherCAT technology. For example, students who want to get a general overview of the technology will find the document a helpful support tool.

Stephan K√∂hnen, the EtherCAT expert at ETG who was responsible for the EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster project, explains: “My goal for the poster was to provide EtherCAT device developers a visual basis for a deeper understanding of EtherCAT technology. Comparable to a geographic map, the poster helps to orientate oneself in the EtherCAT world.”

The poster is available for all free of charge, including those without ETG membership, and available in English and Japanese. It is available in printed form in ETG trade show booths and at ETG seminars. Those who prefer the digital version can access the document free of charge at

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