Accruent and Geofit Partner to Deliver Data-Driven Insights for the Built Environment

  • February 25, 2021
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Accruent and Geofit Partner to Deliver Data-Driven Insights for the Built Environment
Accruent and Geofit Partner to Deliver Data-Driven Insights for the Built Environment

Feb. 10, 2021 - Accruent, the leading provider of solutions to manage the built environment, announced that it has entered into a partnership with GEOFIT, a global provider of geospatial databases for large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects, to deliver engineering document management and facility and asset management throughout France. In joining forces, these companies will provide a comprehensive, optimized system to enable organizations to manage their full lifecycle of physical resources.

According to the oft-cited study on human activity patterns, humans spend 90% of our time in the built environment. Focusing on the structures people work in, the technology used to manage those structures, and the assets and spaces people engage with every day, has a significant impact on our world’s health, safety and productivity. 

The partnership of Accruent and GEOFIT will deliver exceptional, industry-leading solutions:

  • Meridian, an engineering document management (EDM) solution, provides a single source of truth for engineering documentation, offering configurable workflows to streamline collaboration with internal departments and ensuring every document change is versioned and audited to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Maintenance Connection, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solution, optimizes manufacturing performance through proactive maintenance and empowers workforce users with asset intelligence and the ability to manage work orders, improve organization and execute preventive maintenance.

These solutions will help global organizations:

  • Ensure global and immediate access to engineering documentation
  • Seamlessly connect all internal and external stakeholders throughout the asset lifecycle
  • Reduce downtime through asset intelligence and preventive maintenance that minimizes costly unplanned outages
  • Decrease maintenance costs by streamlining work order completion and maximizing resource effectiveness
  • Improve labor efficiency with better resource scheduling and faster repair times

GEOFIT, a part of GEOFIT Group, has been a leader for more than 50 years in data collect, design and analysis of geospatial databases, studies and decision-support tools. With acumen in the key areas of infrastructure, networks, heritage and building information management (BIM), industry, territory management and Geographic Information System (GIS), and defense/civil security, GEOFIT facilitates the emergence in a new era of data modeling.

“GEOFIT is excited to team with Accruent in providing turnkey solutions adapted to customer needs for ever greater efficiency,” said Olivier DELOUMEAU, main director. “Our complementary focus on construction, industry and infrastructures engenders a natural partnership that will increase our customers’ power of understanding.”

By joining forces with GEOFIT, Accruent teams with a European partner with expertise in selling, implementing and maintaining large-scale enterprise solutions. GEOFIT operates 19 agencies in France, employs 950 individuals and counts customer organizations in more than 120 countries.

“Accruent actively seeks out quality partners to expand our international footprint and we’re excited to have another partner that can help us further expand our presence in France and throughout Europe,” said Willem van der Mark, VP Channel & Alliances International, Accruent. “GEOFIT is a leading organization with the full range of knowledge and the technical expertise to convey how valuable secure and accurate engineering and asset information is for improving operations, ensuring safety and reducing the costs of asset maintenance in the built environment.”

About GEOFIT Group

For more than 50 years, GEOFIT Group has been constantly innovating, both in France and internationally, to transform the world into measurable, quantifiable and analyzable data. In a world full of data, facilitating access to information and knowing how to model it is a way for our clients to strengthen their control and power of action, and GEOFIT tackles this on the scale of an industrial building, a company, a town, a city, a region or even a country. 

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