OEE Datawatch Welcomes Jean-Pierre Mulley to Growing Team

  • February 18, 2021
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OEE Datawatch Welcomes Jean-Pierre Mulley to Growing Team
OEE Datawatch Welcomes Jean-Pierre Mulley to Growing Team

Feb. 17, 2021 - OEE Datawatch, LLC, a centralized automation system integration company, has announced the addition of Jean-Pierre “JP” Mulley to its growing team. Mulley joined OEE Datawatch to support and promote the company’s release of its UAK1000 Equipment Monitoring and Control System and the introduction of several new products, including one scheduled for release later this year.
“JP is a terrific asset to our team because he understands the vision of OEE Datawatch,” said Brian Rajotte, OEE Datawatch president and design engineer. “We both have a long professional history in manufacturing and automation, and we intimately understand the pain of manufacturers and system integrators who want to centralize automation but feel left out of the game because of cost. Together, we’re working to change that thinking and show manufacturers that they can automate without expensive engineering and schematics.”
“I’m excited to partner with Brian Rajotte and support the OEE Datawatch mission because it offers a real solution to the costly challenges so many small to mid-sized manufacturers face when they want to integrate automation,” said Mulley. “Automation is part of a modern manufacturing environment, and there is no reason that smaller manufacturers need to be excluded from adding automation to remain competitive,” he added. “Centralized automation is achievable, and it is affordable, and I’m here to help Brian re-educate an industry that is stuck in a rut of excessive and expensive engineering and dead-end proprietary hardware and software. The assembly of standardized components that comprise the UAK1000 has finally opened the door to automation and data collection for everyone.”
The UAK1000, OEE Datawatch’s premiere automation system, is a centralized system that enables connecting, monitoring, and control of equipment within a manufacturing line or process. Using a standardized package of hardware and software, the UAK1000 gives manufacturers the ability to retrieve and respond to critical data points from one central location to improve production flow and make better use of personnel and equipment. The entire system is available for about half the cost of traditional proprietary systems and does not require complex engineering or schematics.
Before onboarding with OEE, Mulley was an independent consultant, helping clients in manufacturing, IIOT, healthcare, and government develop and improve their sales and marketing, product management, and data analysis. Prior to consulting, Mulley worked for Minitab, where he served in sales, marketing, product management, and professional services and as chief products officer—a position he held for seven years. As a result of his experiences, Mulley has an intimate understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in collecting data that enables meaningful analysis. Mulley earned an economics degree from Carnegie Mellon and holds a Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality.

About OEE Datawatch

OEE Datawatch, LLC, is an automation system integration company that delivers standardized central automation solutions for small to mid-sized manufacturers. With its innovative UAK1000 Equipment Monitoring and Control System, OEE helps manufacturers take control of their equipment, processes, and data to create safe, efficient, and effective production environments with optimum overall equipment effectiveness.

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