Wunderlich-Malec and ConneXSoft Deliver IoT Solutions that Enable Environmental Sustainability

  • February 09, 2022
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Wunderlich-Malec and ConneXSoft Deliver IoT Solutions that Enable Environmental Sustainability
Wunderlich-Malec and ConneXSoft Deliver IoT Solutions that Enable Environmental Sustainability

Feb. 10, 2022 - Wunderlich-Malec Engineering (WM) and ConneXSoft Inc. have formed a Strategic Alliance to deliver IoT/IIoT solutions for industrial and commercial applications using WM Cloud-Ops and ConneXSoft’s UniCOM Edge products and services.

The Cloud-native application displays real time energy usage and carbon footprint monitoring of all Green House Gas (GHG) emissions created by that energy usage. It provides information for reporting, emission simulations or AI analysis from one aggregate source of data from all locations or systems in the enterprise.

The solution applications are designed to integrate operational information from an enterprises’ remote facilities into the cloud, a classic edge to enterprise solution. It aggregates industry standard protocols from the edge and data is transmitted into a visualization layer on a corporate dashboard. Local data exchanged with a managed hosted service in a private cloud system is highly secure, reliable and cost effective.

“We’re excited about the UniCOM Edge because it offers the best value for secure data harvesting from the edge to a centralized cloud infrastructure. Like many other pivotal shifts in technology, this is disruptive in a positive and beneficial way. IoT is the perfect enabler for energy users of all scales, industries and locations to aggregate and track their carbon footprint,” said Jason Moore, Wunderlich-Malec’s director of Cloud Operations. “WM’s Cloud-Ops use UnCOM Edge and Wunder-TechTM to provide a fast way to deploy real time carbon tracking to a wide variety of end user facilities and does so in a secure and scalable way. It is the perfect solution to enable data collection, raise awareness through visibility and an easy first step in analyzing and reducing the carbon footprint of our customers facilities.”

Neal Wunderlich, president of Wunderlich-Malec stated, “As a professional service organization we have innovators and technology experts who, with ConneXSoft, want to do more for the environment and our company’s legacy. We used our team to develop a Wunder-TechTM application that will reduce our footprint and can provide our solution to help enable others to decarbonize their company."

“When addressing key vertical markets, it is important to deliver both, technology and a core competency,” stated Dr. Walter Immler, managing director, Operations of ConneXSoft. “ConneXSoft has a unique set of experience in this market segment and delivers reliable communications, combined with a new class of productivity tools that enables the industry to quickly and easily build very complex Building Automation and Energy Management systems. We are confident WME is the right partner to deliver our technology to the industry, expanding our products to WME´s worldwide customers and channel partners. This cooperation will deliver the features and benefits the BAS and Energy Management industry market demands.”

About ConneXSoft Inc.

ConneXSoft is a software development company based in Munich, Germany and Naples, FL, USA, specialized in Industrial Automation with focus on Infrastructure markets. ConneXSoft technology is aimed to reduce engineering cost and to provide high functionality and performance, products are used in 50+ countries for mainly large and critical applications.

ConneXSoft builds data acquisition servers, application objects and engineering tools. Its flagship product, UniCOM is an edge-to-cloud infrastructure consisting of the UniCOM edge device allowing for automatic discovery and collection of data in building- and energy systems. In conjunction with the UniCOM communication server, it enables HMI/ SCADA systems (or any OPC client) to access and manage the data to and from remote building locations.

About Wunderlich-Malec

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, Wunderlich-Malec operates over 36 technology, software, and engineering offices throughout the United States. Since their incorporation in 1981, WM attributes their success to its employee’s knowledge and commitment in providing quality technical solutions and delivering customer satisfaction as proven with 70% plus of its annual revenue generated from existing customers. In 2012, WM became a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP).

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