Optimally Equipped Vaccination Centers: WERMA Solutions Ensure Maximum Safety

  • January 25, 2021
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Optimally Equipped Vaccination Centers: WERMA Solutions Ensure Maximum Safety
Optimally Equipped Vaccination Centers: WERMA Solutions Ensure Maximum Safety

For many weeks now, arrangements to complete vaccination centres in cities throughout Germany have been in full swing. Large halls, concert halls and event venues have been filled with numerous booths, both for registration and actual vaccination, rows of chairs for those waiting and various information signs. In many places, vaccinations are now scheduled to begin in mid-January.
Many vaccination centres already rely on auxiliary systems to ensure maximum safety for everyone present: Firstly, the additional SignalSET access control system ensures that the whole process is safe and trouble-free. It uses visual signals to clearly indicate whether the vaccination booth in question is occupied or free. WERMA's CO2 traffic light signals also signal whether or when it is time to air the room again.

Safe vaccination: Ideally without queues

It is vital that safety measures that protect against coronavirus infections continue to be applied in all vaccination centres, i.e. observing social distancing and hygiene rules and wearing face masks. But this is not enough for those in charge at the district vaccination centre in Tuttlingen, Germany: "It is particularly important to us that everything goes as smoothly as possible," said Bernhard Flad, former long-time mayor and chairman of the regional association of the German Red Cross in Tuttlingen, who is partly responsible for setting up the centre. Attendance by prior appointment and on-site stewards are intended to prevent long queues. Another important element for ensuring maximum safety: the WERMA SignalSET. The signal lamps attached to each booth clearly indicate which is currently occupied or free.
Flad said: "These lamps work like traffic lights and so are clearly understandable to everyone, even without being labelled: red means occupied and green indicates that the physician currently has no patient and is free." Thanks to the included remote controls, doctors inside a vaccination booth can easily change the colour of the signal outside the booth at the touch of a button.
WERMA signal lamps are also already in used in vaccination centres in Duisburg and Singen.

Green light: Access permitted

WERMA's SignalSET solution consists of a radio-controlled signal tower and a remote control. The traffic light is clear, easy to understand and does not require explanation. The signals are clearly visible from all sides thanks to 360-degree illumination. Extremely bright LEDs guarantee that they are clearly visible even in direct sunlight or bright surroundings.
The set is quick and easy to set up and dismantle and is immediately ready for use. The set is also plug-and-play, meaning all you have to do is insert the mains plug into a socket and you're ready to go.

Perfect air quality with the WERMA CO2 traffic light

In vaccination centres, good air quality is equally as important as the efficient processing of visitors. This is where WERMA's new CO2 traffic light comes in. It continuously measures the current carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air and shows precisely whether or when it is time to air the room again.
This is clearly illustrated using the three common traffic light colours so that everyone easily understands:

  • If the CO2 concentration is below 1,000 ppm, the traffic light is green, indicating that the air quality is OK.

  • If the CO2 concentration exceeds 1,000 ppm, the traffic light turns yellow and indicates that ventilation is recommended.

  • The red signal indicates that significant ventilation is necessary as the CO2 concentration is above 2,000 ppm.

  • If the limit value of 3,000 ppm is exceeded, a red flashing light indicates the urgent need for ventilation.

This can effectively reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for anyone who stays indoors for longer periods of time.
Ideally, the CO2 traffic light is placed in the middle of the room, i.e. not too close to the window and not higher than 2 metres from the floor. Since carbon dioxide is distributed fairly evenly throughout the room, one traffic light is sufficient for most rooms. Two traffic lights are recommended in larger conference rooms or sports halls.

Wide variety of applications: Quick, easy and clear!

WERMA's two solutions, SignalSET and the CO2 traffic light, have further applications beyond access control and air quality regulation in vaccination centres. They can also be used in supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, retail outlets, doctors' practices, pharmacies, gyms, petrol stations, parcel shops and public institutions such as town halls, schools and nurseries.
Both of the new solutions, SignalSET and the CO2 traffic light, can be ordered directly from WERMA by telephone, fax or via the WERMA online shop.

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