Hexagon and Scada Systems Offer the Elecdes Design Suite Serving the Industrial Electrical Market

  • January 25, 2023
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Hexagon and Scada Systems Offer the Elecdes Design Suite Serving the Industrial Electrical Market
Hexagon and Scada Systems Offer the Elecdes Design Suite Serving the Industrial Electrical Market

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division has announced a partnership with New Zealand-based Scada Systems, Ltd., a global leader of industrial solutions for power generation and transmission as well as other markets. The companies will cooperate to reaffirm their position as industry leaders in electrical design for industrial applications.

Hexagon can now directly sell Elecdes Design Suite (EDS) to complement its current extensive industrial design and engineering software offerings. EDS, developed by Scada Systems, is a 2D and 3D intelligent electrical and instrumentation software solution. 

Expanding needs in wind and solar power generation projects require an industrial wiring solution plus an instrument management system. Through the partnership with Scada Systems, Hexagon’s CADWorx Plant Professional solution addresses the full design needs of industrial projects–piping, structural and now including electrical and instrumentation.
“Hexagon’s partnership with Scada Systems reinforces our mission to deliver a complete design and engineering solution for projects with electrical and instrumentation needs,” said Mark White, senior vice president, Portfolio Strategy & Enablement. “The combination of EDS and Hexagon’s design portfolio allows us to offer greater capability to a broader array of markets, especially renewables industries like wind, solar and hydrogen.”

Hexagon’s customers are leaders in adapting to global market trends, shifting to easily comply with new requirements in rapidly growing industries. Hexagon technologies help to plan, design and execute the evolving project landscape in power generation, and increased growth in transmission and distribution.

Elecdes’ fit-to-purpose for electrical and instrumentation design along with Hexagon design solutions deliver greater automation to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy and improve accuracy of deliverables.

About Hexagon

Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications.

Our technologies are shaping production and people-related ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous–ensuring a scalable, sustainable future.

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division helps clients design, construct, and operate more profitable, safe, and sustainable industrial facilities. We empower customers to unlock data, accelerate industrial project modernization and digital maturity, increase productivity, and move the sustainability needle. 

Our technologies produce actionable insights that enable better decision-making and intelligence across the asset lifecycle of industrial projects, leading to improvements in safety, quality, efficiency, and productivity, which contribute to Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

About Scada Systems, Ltd.

Scada Systems was founded in 1985 as a control and data acquisition engineering consultancy. After identifying the need for automated electrical design software, Scada Systems set about establishing the world’s leading suite of instrumentation, panel and electrical CAD design software: EDS. By integrating with CAD software, EDS extends powerful design capabilities with electrical concepts, allowing engineers to think and work in terms of “breakers, circuits, and terminal strips,” rather than “circles, lines and arcs.” EDS software is highly data-centric, allowing users to greatly reduce the amount of work required for repetitive tasks, by providing features such as global editing of electrical CAD entities, advanced reporting, and database-driven instrument management. Elecdes is used in more than 50 countries and is provided in five languages.

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