Globalspec Presents Webinar Series 'The Industry 4.0 Effect'

  • June 08, 2021
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Globalspec Presents Webinar Series 'The Industry 4.0 Effect'
Globalspec Presents Webinar Series 'The Industry 4.0 Effect'

Industry 4.0 promises to be revolutionary for manufacturers—but integrating it and capitalizing on its value can be a daunting challenge. Sponsored by Rockwell Automation and hosted by GlobalSpec, this series of webinars features expert panelists from Industry 4.0's leading SDOs, including the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) and the International Society of Automation (ISA).


Sensor Advancements for Industry 4.0 (June 16, 2021)
Industry 4.0 and the power of the smart factory is the most disruptive change to manufacturing since the Industrial Revolutions. But it is only made possible by innovation in sensor technology and applications.

Leveraging Robots for Smart Industry (June 18, 2021)
Robots are the tools taking action with intelligence gathered in smart environments. They excel at laborious tasks such as assembly, pick and place, testing and inspection and packaging. Now digital and motion control innovations are expanding the role of robots in modern manufacturing and industry.

Test and Measurement Advancements for Industry 4.0 Devices (June 23, 2021)
Smart sensors for industrial environments are among the most challenging devices to test, measure and monitor in the field. These technologies are helping device designers measure power and signal integrity before going to market.

Machine-to-Machine Communication Challenges on the Factory Floor (June 25, 2021)
Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is a critical component of the smart factory. But this requires sensitive, connected and reliable technologies at the network edge and the support systems to effectively deploy them.

Join our host and engineer, Barry Manz, as he discusses today's leading Industry 4.0 challenges and technologies with panelists from industry-defining standards organizations.

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