Kollmorgen NDC Expands Collaboration with AGV Network

  • June 17, 2021
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Kollmorgen NDC Expands Collaboration with AGV Network
Kollmorgen NDC Expands Collaboration with AGV Network

The collaboration between Kollmorgen NDC and AGV Network started a few years ago in the form of an exchange of educational content, and today AGV Network is a well-known hot spot for people in the mobile robot industry. Today Kollmorgen NDC is pleased to announce that Kollmorgen NDC and AGV Network have decided on an expanded collaboration together.

“AGV Network must offer the best information to its audience," said Alfredo Pastor Tella, VP AGV Network. "For doing this, it is mandatory to collaborate with the best-in-class companies. Thanks to Kollmorgen NDC expertise and advise, AGV Network can provide cutting-edge content in several sensitive topics such as navigation or fleet management software, where Kollmorgen NDC is an authority. It’s amazing how much we learn while discussing with Kollmorgen NDC experts."

Alfredo, who founded AGV Network, is in charge of the AGV BU in Movincar Spa, an Italian material handling integrator. He analyzes dozens of mobile robot projects every year and in most of the cases the customers pose the same questions: How much do mobile robots’ cost? Are them safe? How do they navigate? etc.
AGV Network was born to answer all these basic questions to help end users and facilitate the adoption of mobile robots. AGV Network also aims to create an useful “network” for all the stakeholders involved in this fascinating industry where we can share information and opinions.

“AGV Network has grown to become a needful and important platform to support parties in the world of flexible automation. AGV Network is increasingly relevant for suppliers of automation solutions, vehicle builders, system integrators, technology providers and end users in all industries,” said Johan Lundblad, director Global Sales and Marketing at Kollmorgen NDC. “For that reason, we are happy to participate to share our knowledge, insights and best practices based on 40+ years of experience from autonomous moving vehicles.”

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Kollmorgen NDC is the industry leading platform used by vehicle builders to create driverless logistics automation solutions. With Kollmorgen NDC you may automate virtually any type of vehicle or robot and integrate it to any type of material handling application, in any industry, worldwide.

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