aDolus Named Winner of Global InfoSec Award at RSA Conference 2022

  • June 07, 2022
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aDolus Named Winner of Global InfoSec Award at RSA Conference 2022
aDolus Named Winner of Global InfoSec Award at RSA Conference 2022

June 6, 2022 - aDolus Technology Inc. is proud to announce it has won an award from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine, for: Most innovative software supply chain security.

“It is an honor to win this prestigious cybersecurity award from Cyber Defense Magazine,” said Eric Byres, founder and CTO of aDolus. “It is so encouraging to see the protection of our software supply chain get the attention it so urgently needs. You would not have even seen this category two years ago, but following high-profile supply chain attacks like SolarWinds and Kaseya, industry is recognizing this rapidly escalating threat. With help from the DHS, our team started tackling this problem back in 2017 and our solution now provides a huge head start to businesses needing a secure software supply chain,” he added.
“aDolus embodies the three major features we judges look for when picking winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats today, providing a cost-effective solution, and innovating in unexpected ways that help companies mitigate cyber risk and get one step ahead of the next breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

“Software supply chain visibility is the new business imperative,” said Rod Campbell, CEO of aDolus. After incidents like the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, critical infrastructure cybersecurity has been thrust into the spotlight. Having immediate executive level visibility into supply chains will be a minimum requirement for management to confidently and quickly respond to the next security crisis.”

“Whether you are facing regulatory headwinds or you need better insight to understand your 3rd-party risk exposure from 3rd-party suppliers, aDolus offers a rapid and cost effective solution,” noted Byres.

Please join us virtually today at the #RSAC RSA Conference 2022 as we share our red carpet experience.

About aDolus Technology Inc.

aDolus Technology Inc. is the global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure. Our AI technology correlates information from diverse sources about ICS, IIoT, and IoT firmware and software to provide continuous assurance that packages (and all their subcomponents) are legitimate, vulnerability-free, and safe to ship and install. By working together to secure the software supply chain, we can create a safer, better world.

About CDM InfoSec Awards

This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s tenth year of honoring InfoSec innovators from around the Globe. Our submission requirements are for any startup, early stage, later stage, or public companies in the INFORMATION SECURITY (INFOSEC) space who believe they have a unique and compelling value proposition for their product or service.

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