Twitter Account Ranks No. 4 for Highest Impact Reporting on Automate 2023 Twitter Account Ranks No. 4 for Highest Impact Reporting on Automate 2023 Twitter Account Ranks No. 4 for Highest Impact Reporting on Automate 2023’s Twitter account, @automation_com, ranked fourth in the category of Highest Impact reporting on Automate Show 2023, according to Tweet Binder. Also landing in the top five were B2B and tech influencer James Gingerich (@Jamesvgingerich), A3 Robotics (@A3Robotics), Association for Advancing Automation (@a3automate), and Automate Show (@AutomateShow).

Association for Advancing Automation (A3) produced Automate Show, which took place May 22-25, 2023, in Detroit Michigan. It featured events, demonstrations, classes and networking events and attracted more than 600 leading exhibitors from around the world. It is the largest solutions-based showcase of automation in North America. Attendees had the opportunity to discover the latest in cutting-edge robotics, vision, artificial intelligence, motion control and more.

Though a multitude of people enjoyed the show in person, those who remained in the office during those days relied on press releases and social media to get the updates. Twitter in particular exploded with photos, videos and news releases that came from the event. Tweet Binder, a twitter hashtag analytics tools, gave some accounts rankings and designations for promoting the event, its attendees, and the news that sprang from it. Other designations included Most Popular, Top Photographer, most Retweeted and Most Mentioned.

Companies are increasingly using social media to help generate interest before a trade show begins. Seventy-eight percent of those who responded to a survey said they use social media to “keep track of spontaneous show moments and create a channel for people to experience show activities,” according to Hill & Partners Brand Environments. And what’s useful about social media is that attendees can post about their experiences at the event or trade show as well using the event hashtag, which generates even more exposure.

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