Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference: Edge+ to the Future of AIoT

  • March 17, 2021
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Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference: Edge+ to the Future of AIoT
Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference: Edge+ to the Future of AIoT

March 10, 2021 - Advantech, a global leader in IoT technology, announced its largest global online partner conference early February. One series will focus on Embedded IoT with the theme “Edge+ to the Future of AIoT” from March 17-19 in New York time zone. The series will be a collaboration with more than 60 industrial experts and ecosystem partners, aimed at sharing new innovations about Edge+ solutions and shaping the next AIoT revolution. A one-time, free registration will grant access to all six featured Embedded IoT topics, “The Future of the Edge & AI,” “Edge-to-Cloud Transformation,” “Embedded AIoT in Action,” and “Industrial Wireless & 5G”, “Winning Medical Solutions” and “Make Mission Critical Simple.” Participants will gain insights from industry experts on how AIoT is fueling innovation that will inspire new ideas and possibilities.

Sharing a vision of the future of the edge heading towards 2025

According to the Gartner Report, the market for edge computing—including hardware and software and integrated services—will grow to $450 billion by 2025. Miller Chang, President of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group, emphasizes that Advantech has never ceased in its commitment to enable AIoT at the edge and cloud. “Our Edge+ solutions, which integrate AI and IoT solutions, are created through a process of continuous enhancement in which we leverage innovative technology to facilitate development.” He stated that the Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference will invite ecosystem partners together to share new discoveries that will enable new business opportunities. “It is our goal that through co-creation, we can drive many AIoT-enabled opportunities into a reality by 2025,” he added.


Exploring the latest embedded, edge, AI, 5G, wireless, and cloud solutions

Advantech Connect Edge+ sessions will include talks from industrial leaders including Intel (“Unleashing the Power of Edge AI”), Qualcomm (“Digital Transformation with 5G and AI”), Microsoft (“Edge-to-Cloud visibility”), AMD (“Accelerate Edge Evolution”), and NXP (“Lead Future Automation Applications”). Also providing deep insights into application industries will be NVIDIA (“The Emerging Trend and Innovation of AI-Powered Accelerator for Medical Imaging”), Align Technology (“Next-Generation Medical Equipment Powered by Embedded AI Innovation”), and Auris Health (“Key Factors in Medical Supply Chain and Longevity Management Success”). Reliable solutions and partnerships will also be discussed in the context of mission-critical applications, with more than 50 sessions designed to help discover new technologies and profitable business opportunities.
Billy Lydon of, a subsidiary of the International Society of Automation, will also unpack industry insights for the topic “Future of Edge Computing & AI” on March 17.

Advance your expertise through inspiring six theme-focus topics

Participants will discover more opportunities for innovation, industry insights, and unique offerings through the Advantech Connect Edge+ sessions. They will include a broadcast of more than 50 sessions with specific technology themes and real practice forums centered on six topics over the three days. A one-time, free registration grants full access to all topics and sessions.
More than 40,000 customers and partners from various industries are expected to participate at the Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference. Advantech anticipates ongoing collaboration with these partners to co-create a sustainable ecosystem, strengthen ecological interconnection, and seize industrial IoT business opportunities together. Register free, view the lineup, and get more information here.

About Advantech

Advantech’s corporate vision is to enable an intelligent planet. The company is a global leader in the fields of intelligent IoT systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with the Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with business partners to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence.

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