Preview Hannover Messe 2021: Automation, Globalization and Digitalization Presentations

Preview Hannover Messe 2021: Automation, Globalization and Digitalization Presentations
Preview Hannover Messe 2021: Automation, Globalization and Digitalization Presentations

Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO Deutsche Messe AG, opened the 2021 Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021 preview event Feb. 3, 2021, by noting that the virus has changed everything in all aspects of life. He outlined industry’s big subjects, themes and questions.

  • How will delivery and supply chains have to change in the future to be prepared for future crises
  • How can industrial production continue in times of crisis?
  • How can industrial companies be successful despite these scenarios?

“Globalization, digitalization, and automation are game changers that continue as core themes for Hannover Messe that showcases thought leadership and solutions for industry to be more successful,” said Köckler, who is pictured above. Hannover Messe Digital Edition runs from April 12-16 2021. To see my obvservations about the innovative product presentations at the preview event, click here.

On Monday, April 12, 2021, Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021 starts with the opening ceremony that is always an informative and thought-provoking event with technological, political, and business presentations. The partner country, Indonesia, will provide a performing arts presentation. Then Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany will officially open Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021.

"Industrial companies have to carry out in a few months what would otherwise have taken years," said Köckler. "This requires a platform where challenges can be discussed, solutions presented, and networks expanded–which is exactly what the Hannover Messe Digital Edition is. Even in times of Corona, the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology remains the central platform for innovations and solutions surrounding industrial transformation."

“I am certain there will be a time after the pandemic when people will be able to meet again,” Köckler said. “Those parts of the Digital Edition that we are using now we will be able to take into the future and come up with hybrid formats.” Köckler described how this is like a learning factory developing new business models so that Hannover Messe 2022 will be physically at the fairgrounds and can take advantage of virtual technologies and methods learned during the pandemic. 

Köckler continued, “Why am I so optimistic? Because I’m feeling like you are in the last eight months: I had to learn my skills in digital streaming, podcasts and many other things.I did that more in the last year than in the 10 previous years. Recognizing the Digital Hannover Messe Digital Edition in 2021 is different it will be the global platform for innovation, networking, & orientation in the age of industrial transformation.”

Indonesia Partner Country

The 2021 Hannover Messe Digital Edition partner country is Indonesia. Arif Havas Oegroseno, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin described that, “Technically Indonesia is in recession but there are very interesting numbers from our economy last year. Our digital economy actually grew 11%, which was surprising. In 2019 our digital economy was $40 billion; last year in the pandemic are digital economy grew up to $44 billion, 25% from the health sector.We are in recession, but our exports are increasing.”  

Indonesia is made up of more than 7,000 islands, with the second largest coastline in the world. It contains more thanv 300 ethnic groups, five major religions, the tree time zones.  Indonesia is a resource-rich country and represents the biggest economy among Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members, belongs to the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, G20 group of nations, and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). 

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), concluded on Nov. 15, 2020, is the world’s largest free trade agreement (FTA) in terms of the population it covers and aggregate GDP of member states. The RCEP is expected to further integrate the economies in the Asian and Pacific region. RCEP hosts 15 member states, including all the member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and five major economies in the Asia-Pacific region, namely, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.  The form of government of the Republic of Indonesia is a presidential democracy. The president and head of government are both elected for five years.

Dr. Jochen Köckler (r), Chairman of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover warmly welcomed Arif Havas Oegroseno, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin.

Making Indonesia 4.0

The country launched the initiative "Making Indonesia 4.0" to revitalize manufacturing with the introduction of Industrie 4.0 concepts. The "Making Indonesia 4.0" initiative includes the government providing incentives to introduce Industry 4.0 technologies to the country’s key industrial sectors and expand the digital economy.

Making Indonesia 4.0 focuses on the application of industry 4.0 concepts and technology to revitalize manufacturing.

Parallel to this are programs for further training are in place to train the relevant specialist staff. Eko S. A. Cahyanto, Indonesia directorate general of Industrial Resilience and International Industrial Access Ministry of Industry, discussed the country’s initiative, noting, “The initiative Making Indonesia 4.0 has five priority industry sectors: Food, automotive, electronic, chemical and textile.” He closed, stating, “Don’t fear change. You may lose something good, but you may also gain something great.”

Eko S. A. Cahyanto, Indonesia Directorate General of Industrial Resilience and International Industrial Access Ministry closing statement, “don’t fear change. You may lose something good, but you may also gain something great.”

The event

Hannover Messe Digital Edition event consists of an expo, a conference and networking. Under the keynote theme “Industrial Transformation,” pioneers present their ideas and technologies for the factories, energy systems and supply chains of the future. Leading topics  include digital platforms, Industrie 4.0, IT security, CO2-neutral production, AI, lightweight construction, and Logistics 4.0. Conferences and forums complete the program. Hannover Messe Digital Edition runs from 12 to 16 April 2021.

EXPO: Room for Innovations

In the EXPO area, visitors have direct access to extensive product overviews from exhibitors. Best-case applications, video tutorials, live streams, and video chats enable them not only to learn about specific solutions for optimizing their processes, but also to enter into direct exchange with exhibiting companies.

CONFERENCE: Room for inspiration

Hannover Messe Digital Edition’s conference program starts on Monday, April 12, with a focus on economic policy issues: What effect does Corona have on globalization? What role does Europe play in the concert of world powers? How will transatlantic relations change following the Trump era?

From Tuesday to Thursday, the focus is on technological innovations and solutions. What role does AI play in industry? How can data generate added value? What potential does hydrogen offer industry? From specific use cases to long-term future strategies, speakers at the CONFERENCE area inspire visitors with ideas and visions and provide concrete methods for their companies. Presenters include AI legend Toby Walsh; Eugene Kaspersky, founder of IT-security company Kaspersky Lab; and Claudia Kempfert from the German Institute for Economic Research.

WomenPower Career Congress

The WomenPower career congress digital event runs on Friday, April 16, under the motto RESET.RETHINK.RESTART.” The program includes workshops, panel discussions and new networking solutions. Virtually, inspiring women and men will offer practical workshops, exciting panel discussions and new solutions for intensive networking.

NETWORKING: Room for interaction dashboard

All visitors at Hannover Messe Digital Edition can directly contact exhibitors, speakers and other visitors. A personalized entry page supports this with a corresponding dashboard that displays the companies, speakers and participants relevant to the respective visitor. From there, the visitor can initiate a direct contact request and then connect via chat or video call.

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