The Brady Waters Company to Represent Bedrock Automation in the US South

  • May 27, 2022
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The Brady Waters Company to Represent Bedrock Automation in the US South
The Brady Waters Company to Represent Bedrock Automation in the US South

May 26, 2022 - Bedrock Automation, the creator of Bedrock OSA, the world’s most powerful, rugged and secure industrial control system, announced today that The Brady Waters Company will represent Bedrock products exclusively to companies in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The Brady Waters Company specializes in selling industrial controls, connectivity, motor protection, and motion products including power supplies, circuit protection, networking devices, HMIs and actuators. And now, with the Bedrock partnership, they will be augmenting their line with integrated measurement and control systems that are intrinsically cyber secure.

The Brady Waters Company (BWC) will represent Bedrock Automation in delivering secure control and secure power for critical markets, including upstream and midstream oil and gas, water and wastewater, chemical, food and beverage, pharma and building automation.

“Offering leading-edge technology from companies that value innovation, high integrity cultures and true market partnerships is vitally important to my company and team. Bedrock Automation has people of high character, extensive technical resources and a product offering that gives us the opportunity to offer our customers rugged, cyber secure control and power solutions from the Bedrock OSA platform. We are very happy to represent Bedrock Automation to the people and markets we serve and look forward to growing our businesses together,” said Brady Waters, President of The Brady Waters Company.

The BWC will focus on sales of the following Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA) products:

  • Bedrock OSA Remote control system, which packs the Bedrock OSA security and performance into a compact, low-cost unit for remote RTU, PLC or other edge control applications.
  • Bedrock OSA Remote +Flow, which delivers industry-leading Flow-Cal measurement algorithms along with all the control capabilities of the OSA Remote.
  • Bedrock OSA Power: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which provides a smart, rugged and cyber secure standalone lithium-ion UPS for any industrial control system.
  • Bedrock OSA Power: Secure Power Supply (SPS), which provides a smart, rugged and cyber- secure standalone power supply for any brand of PLC, RTU, or DCS.

“We continue to expand our sales capabilities and aligning with channel partners like The Brady Waters Company is core to that strategy. They can meet the growing demand for secure, high-performance automation and measurement that is happening steadily in the industries they serve. BWC brings a large sales team, extensive industry experience, customer relationships as well as a synergistic product portfolio that complements the Bedrock OSA products extremely well. We look forward to this partnership and to collectively growing the region,” said Bill O’Neill, Bedrock Automation executive director of Sales.

About The Brady Waters Company

Founded in 2001, The Brady Waters Company culture of faith, fairness and integrity guides its vision of creating value through effective business planning and execution, continuous process and informational improvement, and the use of leading-edge technology. The Brady Waters Company is committed to providing technical product support for their customers while maximizing market share for the manufacturers they represent.

About Bedrock Automation

Bedrock Automation, established in San Jose, California and now based in the Boston, Massachusetts area, has developed the world’s most powerful and cyber secure automation platforms. Bedrock has assembled the latest technologies and talents from the automation, measurement, cyber security, and semiconductor industries to build unprecedented solutions for ICS, Power and Flow based on three prime directives: simplicity, scalability, and security. The result is its award-winning Open Secure Automation (OSA) platforms, which provide deeply embedded ICS cyber security and the highest levels of performance and reliability, at the lowest lifecycle costs.

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