First Annual Automation Professionals Day Highlights Stars in the Field from Around the Globe

First Annual Automation Professionals Day Highlights Stars in the Field from Around the Globe
First Annual Automation Professionals Day Highlights Stars in the Field from Around the Globe

Srinath Krishnamoorthi
International Society of Automation (ISA) member Srinath Krishnamoorthi worked on his first automation project when he was in just 10th grade. He built an electric fence during his school vacation for his father. He worked with an electrician to build a circuit to switch high voltage at a very low current. Little did he know that project would inspire a career in automation; now, he has worked in the field for 30 years. “I am proud to be an automation professional and part of ISA,” Krishnamoorthi writes.

The first annual Automation Professionals Day highlighted Krishnamoorthi and other stars in the field on April 28, 2022.

The ISA spearheaded the first annual Automation Professionals Day on April 28 to recognize professionals around the world who advanced the safety, security and efficiency of the manufacturing/supply chain operations and critical infrastructures that all modern economies depend on.

ISA chose that date for Automation Professionals Day to commemorate the anniversary of the society’s founding on April 28, 1945. Automation industry professionals and students were asked to post on social media photos of themselves working in the field or testimonials about how they want to have an impact on the world through automation.

“[Automation] lets you play with the coolest technology and will take you everywhere to see how everything is
Ryan Kershaw
made," Ryan Kershaw, who works with Litmus Automation and is a Senior Member with ISA, writes in his social media post about #AutomationProfessionalsDay. “[Automation] has you driving equipment around that’s worth more than the car . . . means owning all the PPE out there . . . and usually means a lengthy explanation whenever you are asked what you do for a living.”

ISA defines automation as “the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.” This encompasses many industries, such as manufacturing, cybersecurity, utilities, robotics and transportation.

Bridget Fitzpatrick

Bridget Fitzpatrick, an ISA Fellow and process automation technical expert who passed away suddenly in April 2022, posted for Automation Professionals Day explaining what her career meant to her. “Saving the world was definitely a reason that I became an engineer, and I have been fortunate to support many great projects.”

Ritam Mondal
Instrumentation & Electronics Engineer Ritam Mondal also hopes to use his automation skills to increase quality of life for people around the world. “I want to automate the manual scavenging process of sewages in India and other developing or underprivileged nations,” he wrote in his testimonial.

Oscar Amaury Rojas Alvarado, senior member of ISA, used part of his social media post to thank ISA for
Oscar Amaury Rojas Alvarado
helping to make the world better through automation. “I thank ISA for the excellent standards that allow the articulation of University-Business in Latin America for the benefit of our industry,” he writes.

Whether you’re studying automation, working in the field, training others, doing research, or retired, thank you for your contributions to the automation field. Please join ISA on April 28, 2023 to celebrate once again.

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