Nozomi Networks Debuts Video Series ‘Marty the OT Guy’

Nozomi Networks Debuts Video Series ‘Marty the OT Guy’
Nozomi Networks Debuts Video Series ‘Marty the OT Guy’

Before he became Marty the OT Guy, Marty Rickard went by the nickname “Marty the Sparky” when he worked as an electrician in a sawmill in 1993. That name soon morphed into “Marty the Magnificent” and finally “Marty the Terrible,” his personal favorite. At Nozomi Networks, Marty has been called “Marty the Customer Success Guy.” He said this format stuck because it sounded more friendly than using a title like Marty Rickard, Director of Customer Success and Technical Support. One of his nicknames, “Marty the OT Guy,” has recently become widely known because of his eponymous YouTube series.

In this new video series powered by Nozomi Networks, Marty Rickard aka “Marty the OT Guy” shares tips and tricks from his experience in the field, along with the occasional funny story and a unique lab challenge in every episode. Viewers can learn about content packs, hear OT/ICS cybersecurity predictions for 2023, see how to use Nozomi Networks to diagnose network problems, and more.

“I’m trying to help bridge the gap between OT people and IT/Cybersec people because my own experience taught me that there’s an inherent distrust there, and we need to get past that to secure industry and move forward,” Rickard said.

Born in New Zealand, Marty the OT Guy, who on LinkedIn simply goes by “Marty R.,” has more than 20 years of experience as an OT engineer. He served as the first Security Officer to one of New Zealand’s most prominent electricity generators. He has worked with Nozomi Networks for two years first as a senior customer success advisor and then as director of customer success and technical support. He calls himself an industrial cybersecurity geek. Recently he has ventured into the limelight for Nozomi’s new YouTube series.

In Marty’s introductory video, he explains some differences between IT and OT. He notes that mistakes in IT can result in loss of data, but mistakes in an OT space are more likely to cause physical harm to people or damage to the environment.

The series aims to inform and entertain OT engineers around the world with relatable content about unique and relatable “war stories,” solving daily challenges using the NN platform and offering a fun lab challenge at the end of every episode. Viewers can expect one episode per month on YouTube and, in the future, a live AMA with the OT Guy.

“Recognizing the immense value that Marty brings to the table, Nozomi Networks is committed to finding innovative ways to disseminate his valuable insights and expertise not only to Nozomi customers but also to the wider cybersecurity community,” said Ty Raia­­, leader of Customer Success for the Americas at Nozomi Networks.

See all of the Marty the OT Guy videos here.

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