IDS Adds New Development Site in Serbia

  • November 16, 2020
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IDS Adds New Development Site in Serbia
IDS Adds New Development Site in Serbia

Since July 2020, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has been represented in Serbia with its own subsidiary. Based in Novi Sad, Serbia's second largest city and considered the country's technological center, the pure development unit is closely linked to the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the local university. The leading manufacturer of digital industrial cameras is thus intensifying its cooperation with science and research–especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

"We are a company with a strong focus on development and are constantly coming up with new products and new technologies," J├╝rgen Hartmann, founder and owner of IDS, explained. "In order to gain access to these new technologies, contact with science is particularly important. This is where we get the knowledge for our innovative products."

The company's investment in the branch demonstrates the strategic importance of IDS in addressing the topic of artificial intelligence. "The topic of artificial intelligence will change our market in the long term," said IDS Managing Director Jan Hartmann. Together with Alexander Lewinsky, he is also the managing director of the new IDS Imaging Development Systems Serbia d.o.o. Professor Rastislav Struharik is responsible for the management on site. His team consists of specialists from the corresponding faculty of the University of Novi Sad. This is the first foreign development site for IDS. It paves the way for even more active AI research and development. After all, "cameras and artificial intelligence are a combination that allows IDS to reinvent itself and contribute to shaping the future," continued Jan Hartmann.

In addition to the new subsidiary in Serbia, IDS already has its own branches in the USA, Japan, South Korea and Great Britain, as well as two sales offices in France and the Netherlands.

About IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

The industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH develops high-performance, easy-to-use USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a wide spectrum of sensors and variants. The almost unlimited range of applications covers multiple non-industrial and industrial sectors in the field of equipment, plant and mechanical engineering. In addition to the successful CMOS cameras, the company expands its portfolio with vision app-based, intelligent cameras. The novel image processing platform IDS NXT is freely programmable and extremely versatile.

Since its foundation in 1997 as a two-man company, IDS has developed into an independent, ISO-certified family business with more than 300 employees. The headquarters in Obersulm, Germany, is both a development and production site. With branches in the USA, Japan, South Korea and UK as well as other offices, IDS is represented internationally

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